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Why Reincarnation?

Client Expected Me to Agree

I met with a client yesterday who had come to see me for the first time about a month ago.  A well-mannered man in his early sixties, he was struggling with his marriage, his work, his son and his health.  Fearful and depressed about his future, he was mostly in need of encouragement and coaching. 

There was a moment when he glanced over at me; a hesitant, shy smile on his face, and said, “I believe in reincarnation you know.  I’m sure I’ve been here before and will be again.” 

I know he expected me to agree, after all a psychic reader must believe in reincarnation, right?  WRONG.  I’ve never been a proponent of reincarnation.  In fact I find the whole matter rather repellent and aggravating.  It doesn’t make any sense to me.  Why would our souls be sent back to embodiment yet again?  To what end? To do it right the second time around?  To make up or pay for past sins? To receive rewards we were deserving yet for some reason were forgotten about?  It’s all craziness to me.

Your Soul will Prevail

Believing however that we did have an existence as a soul before embodiment does make sense to me. Yes I know.  We do pick and choose what makes sense to us.

My sense of soul in myself and others feels like a rather different thing than the rest of me.  Soul has a timeless, solid, unchangeable quality that feels more resilient and robust than my body.  And there is a plethora of scientific evidence to suggest that our souls do prevail long after our body has ceased to exist.  This was the whole purpose for spiritualism; to scientifically demonstrate that our spirit and soul continue long after death.  Even if you don’t adhere to the beliefs of spiritualism, you cannot deny that there have been people who have contacted passed on spirits.  That would just be denying reality. 

If our souls continue to exist after the body has passed on then it’s almost reasonable to assume that it existed before entering the body, don’t you think?

I entertain myself (and sometimes others) with imagined conversations we had with the divine and other souls before tunneling through the morass to our own embodiment. What sorts of promises and intentions we proclaimed before our arrival.  Did we observe those ahead of us in embodiment and pontificate, criticize, applaud and set our own goals accordingly?   I imagine overall not being terrifically impressed; I mean for all the souls embodied on the planet how many are truly living spiritual lives? Granted, a few manage to sustain those spiritual intentions, but let’s be honest, it’s not a stellar or impressive percentage.

Honourable Intentions Thrown for a Hungry Belly

Of course as soon as our souls become aware we are in a body it does feel like hell. In pain, hungry, thirsty, tiny, inarticulate; the new world is at best terrifying and agonizing.  What we wouldn’t do for something to eat and drink!  And the divine has a good laugh.  A good, jolly belly laugh resounds across the universe.  Such honourable intentions already tossed for a hungry belly?  And therein lies the crux of our dilemma. The big trade off – the cosmic balance.  Everything has a cost.  Welcome to a life that will be nothing if not a series of sacrifices, negotiations, and choices.  Need, desire and sacrifice.  Will it ever end?

That’s why people like the notion of reincarnation.  We get to do it all again!  There is a second chance. But what makes anyone think they would do anything differently given that second chance? 

That’s why I don’t believe in reincarnation.  Why have us do it all again?  Wasn’t it bad enough the first time around as we observed ourselves making all sorts bad decisions?  No. You’ll pass this way but once.  Make it count and learn to forgive yourself.  Vow to do everything better tomorrow.  Consider yourself a soul embodied.  Listen to your soul.  The more you allow it full reign in your life, the more at peace you will be.  Live like you’re soon to lie in your deathbed. 

The other rather nasty bit of news is that if you believe that birth to spirit is going to be any easier than your arrival here, you’re in for a disappointment.  Birth to the spirit world is no less challenging, painful, demanding of your attention than your birth to embodiment.

Why would that be?  Finally out of the body, we imagine being free of all of its annoying demands. We will go on in a spiritual world where it will be easy to be spiritual, to do the right thing!  Our freewill will be relinquished to the will of the divine.  We’ll finally be at peace! 

A Terminal Diagnosis

No I don’t believe that either.  The first demand you’re going to have is that little matter of atonement. Every single little thing you did, said, and chose will be on display for all to observe.  If embarrassment doesn’t drive you mad, regret might.  Self-forgiveness, acceptance, love and kindness will be the first order of the day in the face of all that you have done that had absolutely nothing to do with your original soulful intentions.

That’s another reason reincarnation is a tempting concept.  Please let me have another chance to do it right! Please.  When faced with that pesky choice of me or others, I will sacrifice myself.  When faced with material acquisition versus spiritual growth, I will choose the spiritual. 

While you’re here you might as well begin the arduous work of living a spiritual life and you know what means.  It means you’re going to have to make some tough choices and decisions.  The good bit is that those get truly easy once you have a terminal illness diagnosis. It’s amazing how that diagnosis sharpens one’s focus on what really does have heart and meaning.  When someone comes to me for a reading complaining of ennui, boredom and listlessness, that’s the first thing I always say, “What would you do differently if the doc told you, you have 6 months to live?”  They look at me in blind terror of course because it might not be a rhetorical question. Asked by a psychic that is.

The thing is you already have a terminal diagnosis.  You are going to die and chances are, it’s rather soon relatively speaking.  Compared to eternity, trust me it’s soon.  We can all try a little harder to be worthy of those watching from the celestial porch right now as we stumble and bumble our way through embodiment.  Make them proud.  Give them something to aim for when they get here.  Be kind to yourself and others. Forgive yourself and others for being in a body that is so darn demanding and make choices that are good for everyone.  Remember that in heaven the spoons are far too long to get to your own mouth, they are designed to help you feed others. That’s just one of those myriad of backward things in the spirit world that you’ll have to adapt to.  There will be as many adaptations to adjust to as there were here when you arrived here to embodiment.  No less painful, scary and foreign. 

But you can practice some of those things while you’re here.  Just like you practiced to be an embodied spirit before you arrived.  Practice won’t guarantee 100% success but it will help.

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