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Why Use Tarot for Divination? Oct-06-2015

Tarot Nudges Us Towards Optimism & Spirituality

All divination systems tell us something. The quality of that something however, depends on the values held in that system. The Tarot deck shares a profound philosophy; an outline of how human consciousness evolves. Shuffling the cards brings these profound values into play with each other in a random form that tells us a story. The cards tell a collective story of consciousness evolution but in the context of a reading they tell us YOUR spiritual story.

The Tarot nudges us in directions that encourage optimism, spirituality and a belief in the necessity and value of change. Generally speaking, people distrust and fear change. We love to say that we love change but that’s a lie. Oh we all love positive change for sure. But that change which involves loss is a different matter entirely.

We structure space, time, and nature from a strong ego position in our Western Culture. We fool ourselves into believing we control everything. Nothing will ever change. Once we get everything set we’re good for the long haul and when that fails and our ordered existence slips out of sync again, we panic. “The fates are against us!”, we lament.

We know in our hearts and from our experience that nothing ever stays the same but like a default position, we return to it immediately following any change or crisis. In the real world we have absolutely no control over the forces of nature which change all the time. Natural disasters and wars especially triggered masses to seek the guidance of an oracle.

Kings, Queens and other leaders have consulted oracles for millennia (they might do it secretly!) to get a sense of where the spirits are carrying the tribe. Oracles have played a pivotal role in our evolution yet are rarely acknowledged as such.

A good Tarot reader combines a sensitivity to the pictures on the cards and to the person sitting there nervously and excitedly staring at the cards. An effective reader does not simply repeat traditional fixed meanings, but rather they will find new meanings and interpretations. Part of a reader’s training lies simply in studying the cards while another part lies in gaining a personal sense of them through practice, meditation and creative work. It takes years of dedicated study and practice to become a truly good reader.

What about Free Will?

How does free will come into play with respect to a reading when its central purpose is to determine a destiny?

We possess free will to the extent we are conscious. Our natural gifts, limitations, social conditioning and life experience construct our world view. People who have gone for analysis or psychoanalysis with the intent to become more conscious, are enabled to act more from free will than someone who remains unconscious of their primary feelings, motivations and aversions. Most of our belief systems, as an example, are quite unconscious. Habits, patterns, partnerships, work and self-image are a few examples.

Our destiny is a cosmic dance between opportunity and ourselves; both conscious and unconscious selves.

So yes we do possess free will but the degree to which we are able to effect it is dependent on to what extent we are conscious. Tarot readings can also be helpful in determining and revealing these much to most client’s surprise! So whether your destiny is being skewed by the lack of outer options or by your own unconscious sabotage, the Tarot is a helpful tool in revealing both sides of the coin. With greater inner awareness, encouragement and support all of us are better equipped to make decisions that are wiser and more beneficial.

Testimonial Snippet

"Kathleen thank you for giving me such accurate and insightful knowledge about my life and what I needed to do to help myself and others.

You are truly a wonderful warm hearted person. I cannot say how much I enjoyed the reading. The reading was so accurate and gave me much relief. Words cannot describe how I felt when I came to understand what the future and the present holds for me.

Thank you for helping me acquire the truth and wisdom I needed to acquire in order to understand the patterns in my life.

The reading you gave me was done so well. I love how you explained what every card meant, and how it related in my life. You did not leave me in the dark and helped me comprehend the meaning of everything that appeared.

Yours truly.... Becca
P.S. ...and be sure to remember I will be coming to you for all my upcoming readings ... take care"

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