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Word for 2019 Instead of Resolution

Kathleen Meadows M.A. Psychic Reader

Every time I hear, “2019”, “2020” is right on its heels. There is something about the number 19 that just rolls into thinking “20”. An end of cycle type of year.

I’ll be turning into a senior citizen officially at the end of 2019 which feels like kind of a big deal. Not that I’m expecting any wowees or significant changes to my lifestyle, it’s more of an internal shift. It’s like when you’re turning 30, 40 or 50.

If you haven’t hit that mid-sixties mark, you’ll just have to take my word when I say that no other has felt quite as momentous as this one. This one seems to carry with it a sort of finality or endgame. Not that we can ever go back at any age but somehow turning 65 means I might want to more. I’ve been asked for a few years now whether I’m eligible for the senior discount and I live in a 55+ building where admittedly I’m one of the youngest amongst my neighbours and this has meant that we have ambulance and fire here almost weekly. Erich went through the whole 65 thing a couple of years ago too, so all this should have helped me get accustomed. Somewhat. Like anything that you know is going to happen, when it happens is always a little different.

New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never been big on New Year’s resolutions, regarding it more of an extroverted type of activity.  Personal declarations, pronouncements and announcements have always felt discordant with my personality type. There are enough social rules to abide without throwing in another of my own. New Year resolutions also have a hauntedness about things we should be doing but aren’t which lends them a sense of guilt, shoulds, musts, have tos, and yes, the superego. Who needs more superego?  Psychopaths could use more perhaps but I don’t cross their paths often.

The Word for this Year

Yearly, a dear friend in Kitchener hosts a wonder-filled party on Winter Solstice where she coaxes guests into a ritual whereby, we choose a word for the next year, and hang it on a tree in her front yard. Your year’s word should express what you want to attract towards you and what you want to transmit over the year ahead. A theme, guidepost, reference, mantra. It might be a word like bravery, forgiveness, joy, freedom, love or perseverance. I don’t want to mention too many examples – the power of suggestion might be too tempting. My word for example, in 2013 was magic and what a magical year it turned out to be! We moved back to Victoria that year which represented a huge change in our lives on every level. It was magical indeed. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been pulling cards to help clients identify their 2019 word which has been a lot of fun.


My word for 2019 is Sentiment. I’ve always described myself as someone who isn’t oriented to the past but lately however, I’ve noticed a softening regard towards things past. My long-term memory is getting sharper (yes, that’s really a thing that happens) which can be discombobulating and thrilling at the same time. I love these old memories returning with such clarity, colour, and sound. All those old familiar faces I haven’t seen for years – so many long passed to spirit.

I’m envisioning 2019 as a year of not acquiring anything new and not starting any new hobbies, but rather appreciating what I already have and exploring it all in a deeper way. One thing that’s for sure, a trip back to Ontario is in the plans. We’ve been living in Victoria for 5 years and I’m feeling such a hunkering for the Kitchener Market and of course many dear, familiar faces! Our tentative plan is for mid-late April, possibly the early part of May.

I wish you a memorable 2019 whatever that means to you. 

I hope the problems that were plaguing you throughout 2018 are remedied not so far into 2019.

See the funny side in everything. Particularly yourself.

Believe me it’s there. 

I wish you riches in all your favourite things in 2019.

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"I just wanted to send you an email , because I wanted to thank you deeply for your reading you gave me back in April when I was in a huge crisis in my life. You probably don’t remember, as you probably read several people everyday, however your reading impacted my life in ways you cannot imagine. I am so thankful and grateful, and I’m also shocked because everything that you told me would happen , came true.

Sincerely, Marnie

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