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Life in its trials and triumphs, with a little help from the Angels
I seem to have lost my posts.  Odd, but I'll take it as a sign that they weren't needed. 

Tarot card for today::  3 Swords.
The 3 Swords is about pain, depicting 3 swords piercing a heart.  If you think 'heartbreak,' you wouldn't be far off the mark.  In this case, the heart is rent by those swords - representing not only challenge and hardship, but also logic, judgment, and those airy mental qualities.  The 3 Swords reminds us not only that pain will come into our life, but that we can survive it.  How?  Well, the swords here are both the cause and the cure: pain becomes suffering when we think of it in negative ways.  The converse is true as well, though.  When we can look past the discomfort to its cause - and the lesson it offers -- the discomfort become manageable instead of overwhelming.  Not only that, but as we learn the lesson it is here to teach us, the pain or challenge has fulfilled its purpose and moves from our experience more quickly.

I hope your pains are all tiny ones. 
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