I'm Your Listening Ear

I'm your average girl. Average if you know what average is. I come with many life experiences and have lots of advice to offer for love, life, happiness and spirit.
I suppose you want to know a bit about the person behind your screen at the moment. I can't say there's a lot to see on the surface, but deep down, I am a multi-faceted woman filled with life experience that would make your mama proud.

Life has been a great learning experience for me as I have traveled down many roads, met many interesting people along the way, always observing, absorbing and soaking in the tiny bits of themselves they have leaked into the atmosphere.

I'm not an expert, but I am real. I am a real woman with real dreams and a future. While I have spent countless time observing others, I have also spent countless time getting to know myself, learn from myself and my own experiences and how these experiences have intertwined with the others I have come to know or even simply brushed against.

From this, I am here to offer you the knowledge and experience I have obtained throughout my life and the lives of others.

So, you're probably wondering exactly what it is I am here to offer. Well, in a nut shell, advice for life, relationships, intimacy, sex, loss, dependency, coping and whatever else is on your mind. If you need a friend to talk to, need advice or just an impartial third party to straighten out an issue, I am here to listen, and do my best to offer viable solutions.
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My worst advice came from a board memebr!  I had a colleague that differed a lot from me in style.  We both did a great job at this small company, I was VP of engineering, he was VP of manufacturing.  Our styles were about as different as they can get.  He yelled, pressured, and was very authoritarian.  He also micromanaged to an unbelievable degree.  I coached, coerced, and macromanaged.  We both did a good job, although I like to think my people were more motivated, happier, and productive.  Our president retired, and he was named president.  He was qualified, and the promotion was acceptable to me and others.  What was concerning was this vast difference in style, and the hard feelings he harbored over past clashes.  I decided to talk to a board memebr, since the president reports to the board.    I asked this board memebr if my job was secure.  I liked to think that our different styles made the company stronger.  He reassured me that my job was secure.  Two months later the new president asked me to resign.    I learned many things from this experience – keep your resume up to date.  If you have to ask, you already know.  Trust your instincts, not others.  Be proactive, building bidges within your company, and a safetynet outside.  And lastly, if the situation is really bad, tell someone.  Had I shared this person’s bad attributes with the past president, he may have been able to correct them.  Instead, this guy is now president, and in three years he’s had a devastating effect on the company, especially the employees.
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