Tired of feeling depressed, tired, and anxious?

Tired of feeling sad, lonely, depressed, or like you have no control of your life? Or perhaps your symptoms are minor and you just hate the way you are feeling? Its perfectly natural to have feelings like that- the good news is that you don't have to let your diagnosis be the main theme in your life, just a part of who you are. Here's a few tips to get there.

The first thing that you should do is to get a checkup with your primary care physician. While talking to your doctor about depression and anxiety may seem a little difficult, remember that they are there to help you out. The reason that you would want to go to the doctor first is to get a checkup for any medical problems underlying your symptoms.

If the doctor determines that you are suffering from either depression or anxiety, he or she will discuss options for you. They can recommend a psychiatrist, some medicine, or other treatments. While taking medicine is a very personal choice, it can alleviate your symptoms and help you feel better.

Choosing the right medication is a process, so if the first medication you take doesn't work, don't give up. Depression and anxiety medication react differently in everyone. Finding the one that works specifically for you might take some time. And you don't need to be scared off by the price if your on a tight budget. Drug companies are starting to work with patients and their specific financial constraints. They might just give you your medication for free if you qualify.

What do you do after you've been taking some medicine? Well, in long term studies, it has been proven that those people who use medication in addition to seeking therapy see the best results. It's ok to take some time here to find the right one for you- some therapists you will automatically feel comfortable with while others might not suit your specific needs. For those that suffer specifically from depression and anxiety, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is particularly effective, so ask your therapist to try this method with you first.

There are also more natural ways to feel better. For example, St. Johns Wart is a natural herbal supplement that specifically helps those suffering from depression. Eating a healthy diet full of fruit, vegetables, and nuts will also help lift your mood.

If your anxiety is severe, meditation is a great addition to any treatment programs your already on to help alleviate your symptoms. An added bonus is that meditation will also help reduce your blood pressure and stress levels. Meditation might be a little bit difficult for some to do, but the main concepts are fairly easy to follow. The key points include: finding a good and natural posture, clearing your mind, and breathing very deeply in and out. While some people prefer to do short meditation sessions all throughout the day, others find they get more out of a longer session at specific times during the day.

These tips will get you started in the right way to feeling better.

Want more help? Through counseling and motivation, I can specifically help you think more positive, help you target and fix the specific triggers that cause the most pain, and give you the motivation to gain the quality of life your looking for.

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