Fetishes Explored

Human sexuality is very complex in nature. 'Normal' is relative. Many have fetishes. You are not alone. It is okay to explore beyond society's constraints. Consensual being imperative.
Now, if one takes the time to look up the definition of the word fetish alone, then one will quickly realize the word itself has very little to do with sex itself.  The basis of the meaning of the word means: Any object, activity, etc, to which one is excessively or irrationally devoted.  This can easily include person.  Of course this irrational devotion is generally associated with some sort of instant gratification.  Which can mean orgasm. But does not necessarily have to be that.  Many things cause feelings of euphoria such as satisfaction. For example, completing a project and receiving high praise from co workers, superiors, or a teacher.  This too can illicit feelings of satiety.  That in reality is what every human being is looking for to be sated. 

For myself, I enjoy helping others.  It sates me to know that I have impacted someone in such a way that they feel less alone and can accept themselves more. I am very understanding and open minded.  I enjoy getting in people's minds.  Figuring out the why and where any fetish originated from.  I am not here to judge anyone.  I simply enjoy examining human sexuality.  It fascinates me how varied what turns us on can be.  I have my own personal plethora of oddities. There is very little you can say to shock me.  I am here to listen and offer insights.   

In close, fetish runs the gamut and is truly limitless.  It can be anything from a scent, to a shoe, the way a piece of material feels, wearing or seeing certain clothing on, chewing bubble gum, sleeping in a cage, long or short nails, the list goes on and on.  There is no right or wrong fetish.  Except those which involve children. I am a therapist or confidant.  Who is available for cerebral, honest conversations.