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The connections between the suffrage movement, spiritualism and the emerging notions of sanity throughout the latter part of the 19th century make a fascinating her-storical study.  I've spent more than 40 years researching and writing on subjects related to the psycho-spiritual realm and women.  From Yoga to Carl Jung, feminism to psychic development and literature to psychology, I've relentlessly sought answers to my restless soul's quest to understand the spiritual feminine. 

The Spiritualist tradition has been in my family for two generations.  My mother and father's father were separated when my parents were divorced in the early '60's yet both attended the Spiritualist Church services in different cities spanning several decades. Following a parallel path yet neither knowing the other were serious followers of the same spiritual tradition.  The Spiritualist Church had an enormous impact on both their lives respectively.

People Wanted to Know More About the Spirit World

The budding romance of psychology and philosophy of the 19th century was keen to show that both spiritualist mediums and believers were mentally deranged.  Bombastically, spiritualism attracted the insane.  No doubt the popularity and buzz value of spiritualism was affording the new psychologies a weigh-in to centre stage.   Any religious experience that involved the suspension of everyday consciousness, including ecstatic divine communion or mediumship, was reducible to a pathological model.  Sadly, this remains an insidious barrier to authentic research in this field.

Considering that spiritualism is a gift to prove the existence of afterlife, this obnoxious and pseudo-scientific pronouncement has effectively kept spiritualism in a dark corner for most people.  Its growth has been systematically stunted on all fronts.  When it emerged in full force by the middle of the 19th century, the Titans of science and religion came out in full force to discredit, dishonour and obliterate it.  Interestingly, no matter how hard the Titans stomped, Spiritualism continued to grow like a weed. People wanted to know more about the spirit world. How it was organized, what souls did while there, how was it different from this corporal world and most of all, how can we reach these souls?  It seemed that gifted, trance mediums were the only ones willing and able to convey this information.

Women dominated the mediumship field by more than 100 to 1 male.  This didn't escape the notice of the medical profession, one of the most veraciously opposed of the Titans.  In females who were diagnosed with insanity, the disease was not surprisingly aligned with their sexuality. This explained why so many women succumbed to the pathological condition of mediumship (an interesting circular argument favoured by the Victorian mind).  Vibrancy and feminine sexuality were virtually contradictory notions.

There were a few gifted mediums in that enlightened period that challenged the notion that only males were designed for higher levels of spiritual attainment.  On the heels of the witch burnings there had to be an inordinate degree of prudence applied as the miracles performed by these mediums came into the public forum of debate.  All mediums were urged to emphasize their Christian roots and use language familiar and acceptable to the Christian majority.  There remain vestiges of this caution evident in many spiritualism adherents. Male dominated language and perceptions in the official doctrine of Spiritualism continues to this day.  Very odd considering!  

Our Grandmother of Wisdom & Light

If you decide to pursue this line of query, I recommend Mrs. Cora L. V. Richmond be the first trance medium on your list to study.  Many claimed she was a female Avatar (the materialization in an earthly body, by choice, to promote an issue important for the progress of the human family) or announcer like John the Baptist.  She was exceptionally gifted and the best known Spiritual phenomenon of her day.   Cora was one of a kind.

She was born in 1840 in Cuba N.Y. and died in Chicago in early 1923.  When she was a young child, people travelled days to sit with her and be healed.  At 15 years old, she was on the stage going into deep trance and bringing forth messages that would affect the course of American history.  She attracted thousands of followers from around the world, inspired the brightest minds of the 19th century and was the first American woman to earn her own income.  Susan B. Anthony, the renowned feminist of the 19th century, was counted among her closest friends. 

She was at the centre of the first Parliament of Religions in Chicago (yet was soon banned from attending).   The first Spiritualist Church was built for her followers in Chicago, called the Church of the Soul.

She wrote prolifically and her discourses under trance were all published.  She taught the most gifted mediums and attracted thousands to Cassadaga Camp every year (later called Lilydale).  The vestiges of this are evident in Lilydale's Waterlily Logo which was Cora's spirit world name given to her by one of her guides, Ouina.

Cora Richmond’s Brilliance & Gift are Un-Matched

Why do spiritualists today still fail to highlight the contributions made by this stunningly gifted medium? Why were her stories, writings, and teachings moved to the backstage of spiritualism's archives?  Why did they destroy her books and articles immediately after her death?  All questions worthy of ponder.

She was the most loved of the 19th century inspirational speakers.  She spent months at a time at the White House as one of Lincoln's mediums; William James cast her in his famous novel The Bostonians; and she attracted thousands of people in America and England to her discourses. She taught and supervised the development of the most gifted mediums at the time.  Her book published in 1888 titled, The Soul in its Human Embodiments was a primary training manual for mediumship study and development.

If for no other reason than curiosity, I highly recommend you study Cora’s works.  Her brilliance and gift are un-matched.

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It was believed (and still is by some) that an unhealthy body fosters the psychic gift.  I don’t know who is responsible for starting this erroneous rumour!  It was prevalent in the Spiritualist movement throughout the 19th century and continued to resurface throughout the early part of the 20th.  It’s waned certainly but every once in the while I stumble into this notion either through another psychic’s writings or a client who was introduced to this somewhere along in their journey prior to meeting me.

We live in a time now when body, mind and spirit are regarded as ONE.  Our knowledge base has grown and matured, providing us with a more realistic vision of ourselves as complex organisms with millions of interconnections that span our brain, heart, body, spirit and soul. Indeed, the concept of body, mind and spirit is far more prevalent in the beliefs of most who participate in the psychic world today. I count myself in this camp.

Does Using Our Psychic Senses Weaken Our Bodies?

I’ve observed a noticeable quickening in my cognition when my body is strong, flexible, relaxed and alert.  Why wouldn’t psychic ability be enhanced by a healthy, vibrant body too?

I’ve pondered, however whether it might be the other way around:  That energetically, using our psychic senses may drain so much energy from the body, it’s put at higher risk of failing. 

Using psychic energy is draining.  Sometimes in the middle of a busy day, I’m completely zonked.  I’d say it might be like doing a triathlon but that wouldn’t be accurate because it’s not primarily a physical tiredness, it’s mental. I do however, feel it in my body. Body aches, stiffness and an exhaustion so deep I feel it in my bones.

I’m fortunate in that I’m a serious guardian of my good health and have been all my life.  I used to run home after school at 16 to do yoga with Karena’s Yoga on educational TV.  I’d nag my mother about preparing more meals with fresh rather than canned vegetables.  In fact, I was so keen on fresh, I offered to prepare all the evening meals for the family which my mother was only too happy to hand over.  My mother would giggle hysterically while my father gagged his way through home made soups, humous, wraps and salads (1972). 

My family assumed I was just going through a "phase" I would eventually outgrow.  It turned out to be one that lasted the rest of my life. I think it’s just the way I came into this world. I have a small note to self written when I was 7, “Always eat well and get lots of exercise.”  I laughed finding it in a scrapbook my mother kept.
I don’t think I could have accomplished all I have done without having this motto and lots of luck to protect me. Taking good care of your health after all doesn’t guarantee you won’t get sick.

But being healthy hasn’t prevented or inhibited my work as a psychic.  Nor do I believe that being sick is going to make you more inclined to be a gifted psychic either.

Spiritual/Religious Traditions & their Guidance to Better Health

Most spiritual/religious traditions make some reference to the need to care for your physical body to achieve higher levels of consciousness.  A few of the ones that have stood out to me,

Buddhism in my opinion tops the list.  It offers extensive advice on body care through exercise, detoxification and proper diet.  Spine flexibility is emphasized to sit for extended lengths of time to meditate.  Buddhists believe that caring for your body one of several paths to enlightenment (Hatha Yoga).

My spiritual teacher always admonishes me to care for my kidneys since this is the organ where spirit enters the body.

Astrology teaches us that your Astrological sign will pre-determine the physical challenges that will need to be mitigated for and will likely be just those physical weaknesses that plague us later in life and inevitably be the very issue that drives us out of our bodies and into the realm of spirit.

Whatever spiritual tradition you follow it’s likely it has sage advice to offer about caring for your health. Furthermore, your spiritual tradition will teach you how not doing so may inhibit your ability to raise your consciousness and reach your spiritual aspirations.  I know when I’m feeling strong and healthy I do better work and provide a better service to my clients.

Make September mark when you commit to taking better care of your health. Now is always the ideal time to launch a new health regiment into your lifestyle which will hopefully aid you on your spiritual path as well.

Blessings Kathleen


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"You were referred to me by a friend, Linette.  She has the highest praise for you!
I haven’t had my Tarot cards read by a psychic before.  But I am very open (as opposed to skeptical).
I would like a thorough reading, perhaps an hour or hour and a half.  I don’t have specific questions but more of a general ….  actually, the best way to put that is I’m a bit lost in all areas of my life.
Thank you for your time.  I look forward to hearing back from you.

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Most people believe in fate sometimes.  On a daily, mundane basis you probably don’t think about it all that much. It comes to the fore when something either extraordinarily wonderful or terrible happens.

The notion makes us feel cared for when the felt fated event is joyful and it makes us feel lonely when the outcome is devastating.  To be loved or cursed.  “Why do all these terrible things keep happening to me when I’m such a good person?”, we lament.  Something is not right in the world when we choose to be honourable and can’t seem to catch a break. The notion of fate can then make us feel targeted.

Aside from good luck or bad, what makes us think something was fated to happen?  Is it because there was such a small window of timing for the wondrous event to take place?  Is it because we dreamed of the happening beforehand?  Or perhaps because it feels like no matter what we do, the outcome is habitually positive or negative?  Indeed, if everything in our lives is fated to be, why make any effort at all? 

Being Somewhere at the Right Time is Everything

The question is, “Who or what controls the strings of our destiny?”  A deity, ourselves or some other machination that is comprised of many factors and influences?  For example, if it is my fate to meet you, then we shared a thread of common fate which has led us to this point of joining.  Fate therefore is comprised of many threads and if any of those single threads were to break then our joining would be missed.
We’ve all met someone we’ve felt a special connection to and noticed the timing was off.  One of us was on our way out of town, or just gotten married, or on our death bed.  Of course, that was our fate but that won’t stop us from groaning, “Why now?”  Being at the right place at the right time is everything.  Can that be arranged? Wouldn’t we like to think so!  Fate drives us to reach more deeply into our emotional core where fear and desire wage a bloody war.

There is a dearth of books on the market that promise that if you do the right thing; visioning a beautiful and abundant future for example, it will come to you.  How do we reconcile this notion when that just isn’t the case?  Because the truth is that terrible things do happen to good people.  And wonderful things do happen to selfish bastards.

The Wheel of Fortune

Are there ways we can glimpse into our fated future?  I’m a specialist in this regard since many do consult me as an oracle to glimpse their fate. Being placed in the occasionally, unfortunate position to describe a less than desirable fated future is a challenge. I couldn’t count how many people have come to me for a reading exclaiming that they had just spoken with another psychic who promised a rosier future.  Many psychics find it too unpleasant to relate an ill begotten fate, so they opt for the happy ending narrative.

The Tarot features a card which specifically addresses this concept of fate; The Wheel of Fortune,  “When you draw the Wheel, you are approaching one of those moments in life when Fate does take a hand in your affairs. Strange coincidences, fortunate meetings, and lucky breaks can all shape your destiny at this time.  You may feel as if your life script has been written by someone else.” (The Illustrated Book of Tarot by Jane Lyle)

In a classic interpretation, the Wheel of Fortune heralds a change coming in our fortunes for the better. It might work best for us (from a fated perspective) if we suffer now because that is the mechanism that will initiate changes in our lives for ultimately the better but certainly in a reading today that won’t be a welcome bit of news.  It might for example take decades for the good of the bad to become evident.  Who wants to embrace misery until the good makes its welcome appearance?

Adapting to Change

We don’t have control over everything and there are times in our lives when, for some mysterious reason, it becomes opportune to be given that message.  When fate steps in to throw us a curve ball, it’s an opportunity to contemplate our lives from a whole new perspective. Maybe fate’s true purpose is to urge us to ask ourselves important questions; such as,

“Is what I think I want, truly what I want?” 

“Am I getting what I asked for and didn’t realize it?”

“What have I been missing that is more about what I need as opposed to what I want?”

“Am I pushing an agenda that the universe is declaring loud and clear, THIS PATH IS NOT FOR YOU?”

When Lady Fortuna takes charge of our lives, it’s likely more a lesson about adapting to change.  Those who survive are those who are good at adapting.  Is there a way to know your fate?  I like to think there is and that knowing your fate beforehand is an integral part of your fated future.  We might not be able to alter our fate but it can help when we’re prepared.

The best description of fate I ever heard was that it represents a dance between opportunity and character.  Being prepared is character, being in the right place at the right time is opportunity.

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"Hi Kathleen: Just wanted to thank you for the reading. It was most helpful."
All the best Janet

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We sometimes forget that when we're using words, we are passing symbols back and forth. This means we must make assumptions like for example, that we agree upon the meaning of these symbols. Words like soul, spirit, psyche, enlightenment, love and hate are a few that carry heavy associations for most of us and can be difficult to get right.

Our word-symbols of emotional states are perhaps the most assumption rich of all.  We say, “I’m feeling angry”.  The recipient of this word-symbol may have a myriad of meanings attached to this word-symbol that we don’t share at all. They might assume this anger is accompanied with hatred.  We can feel love and anger at the same time. Never assume when someone says they are feeling angry that this means they don’t like you.  Anger pushes us to make changes in our lives, to establish better boundaries and feel alive. No relationship will not trigger anger at some point in it’s journey.

Words have power as we all know by how they can affect us emotionally, physically and intellectually. Our whole lives are based on our interaction with words. There is a story of a woman who entered psychoanalysis because, among a few other things, she wouldn't stop bleeding. Her menstrual cycle had stalled on steady flow. As she was leaving her first session with the psychiatrist, she turned to him and asked, "What about my bleeding? Will it stop?" And he replied, "Yes it stops right now." And it did. Those words at that moment, spoken by this man perceived as an authority healer, had the power to kick start this woman's cycle. That is an example of the power of words.  Remember the last time you said, “I love you”?  Not to someone you say it to all the time or has an expectation to hear it from you, but someone you have never said it to previously?  Do you remember their reaction or yours? I bet you do.

The placebo affect is another example. If we are told by someone that a substance will make us well and we have vested this person with the power of knowledge and authority, the chances are high that the substance will have the desired healing affect. This is not a bad thing! Placebos have no side affects.   

Word-symbols heal, destroy, bring us tremendous pain, pleasure and joy.  They elevate us to the stratosphere or drive us to the depths of despair and suicidal ideation.

Written Word Has Always Carried Mystery & Awe

The power of the spoken word dwarfs in comparison to the power of the written one. When we read a word, we imbue it with even more substance and power. We tend to believe what we read, making an often erroneous assumption that if it is published it must be the truth. This hearkens back to a time when the aristocratic and academic classes owned reading and writing. There was mystery and awe in the minds of the majority when in the presence of someone who could read and write. They were granted celestial powers of discernment, authority and interpretation.

You must be especially vigilant in considering this power in this world of texting and the internet. We still take the written word seriously and unless you are gifted and skilled at using word-symbols accurately, I would avoid texting altogether except to perform the most mundane of tasks like arranging a time to meet.  Don’t, under any circumstances share your deepest feelings, thoughts, dreams, visions in text form unless you have researched the precise word-symbols you need to express them precisely.  More couples, friendships, family ties are being ripped apart these days through the exchange of a few lines of text, than ever in our human her/history.

I remember the days when emails became the speedy means of text exchange.  Compared to snail mail it was a miracle, trust me. Soon into the practice, wise advisors were cautioning users to put their emails in our draft folders for at least 24 hrs before pressing that SEND button.  Then along came “texting” and all that sage advice was forgotten. People launched immediately into texting back and forth at break neck speed.  Not even a second was claimed to carefully ponder what was being written to the person on the receiving end, potentially leaving a track of destruction in it’s wake a mile wide.

It’s a tsunami of mass social destruction. I want to yell from the highest rooftop, “STOP TEXTING” but I fear it would just get lost in the wind. Texting should be, “Want to meet for coffee?”  “How about Sunny’s at 2?”  “I’ll pick up a chicken for dinner, is there anything you want with it?”

Not, “My girlfriend saw you kissing a woman at Sunny’s last night – who was she you bastard?” This is the sort of conversation better explored in person because there are simply too many variables. Are you mad, teasing, flirting, testing?  The recipient has no idea but betting on mad might just end things between you right there!

Word-Symbols Heal, Uplift & Create

I had a dream the other day that I was conversing with two women who were involved in a lively debate that I desperately wanted to participate in.  I couldn’t get any words to come out of my mouth.  All I could emit was a pathetic croak or squeak.  They looked at me exasperated and pitying. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t speak.  It was terrible. Upon awakening I was so relieved to realize this was a dream. It spurred me to consider how grateful I am for speech. That I do have a voice, that I can participate and say my piece, that I can be heard. I can read and write too!

You can use this power to bring goodness and healing to this world.  You can use your power to use word-symbols to uplift, educate and create and yes one voice at a time, change the world.

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Why Can’t I Get Over this Lover?

I’m asked almost daily by heartbroken clients,

“Why can’t I get over this lover?”  This is an equal opportunity dis-ease. Meaning that age, sex, cultural heritage, religion, professions all melt away to irrelevance in the face of love heartbreak. We’re all the same,

“Why does so-and-so, who has rejected me… or is mean spirited, and/or in love with someone else adhere to my soul like crazy glue?  I dream about them, worry about their welfare, think about them every minute of the day, and just quite simply ADORE them despite how little regard they obviously have towards me.  What is WRONG with me!? Am I nuts?” 

In a desperate bid to negotiate a rational explanation, some people will decide they must have known this person in another life and divine providence has reunited them for another shot at bliss.  This explanation is especially salient if their meeting was synchronistic, or they share an extrasensory connection.

Not being a proponent of reincarnation personally,

I find this explanation especially irrational…and well yes bizarre if truth be told. Why the divine would consider your need to resolve your supposed past life love issues worthy of such complicated cosmic machinations is… well, inflated to be blunt. But then my notions of divine intervention are probably just as odd.  My imagination is more inclined to conjure divinities in possession of one heck of a Teutonic and rather irreverent sense of humour, Who observe our embodied love challenge with detached and very occasionally, affectionate curiosity.

There are two primary emotions

that comprise the trunk of our emotional tree.  Fear and love.  The rest are branches and suckers that grow off this dual, primary trunk.  Fear and love are opposite emotions.  We cannot (or perhaps it would be better to say should not unless sado-masochism floats your boat) feel both at the same time.  When we are afraid we cannot feel love and visa versa.

We often mistakenly believe we cannot hate and love at the same time but we can because they are the flip side of the same emotional coin.  When we are having difficulty letting go of that forever-after-dream of the love we shared with someone, we are operating under two illusions.

The biggest one is that you can help that person not to feel so afraid and thereby let the love flow back in again. Even utilizing all the power accessible to you in the universe, you cannot make another feel brave, daring, risk-taking or be honest.

I get asked that a lot too.  What can I do to change or fix this? It’s funny we don’t have any trouble understanding this rather mean-spirited one-sidedness when it comes to ourselves. Hasn’t someone had the hots for you and left you feeling rather cold, indifferent and maybe even, dare I say? A little repulsed? Unless you’re ten years old I find it hard to believe you haven’t.

Is there ANYTHING they could have done to light your fire in their direction?  Is there anything they could have said or changed about themselves that would have spurred you to rush at them naked?  No? That too is the same for all of us universally.

The second illusion is that they prefer to feel love

and will choose it freely once they realize how paltry life is without it. They aren’t like you that way.  You might have been on the same page with just about everything else. But the intimacy part?  You were not on the same page with that.  There are Snake Oil sales people who will promise to change all that for a modest or horrendous fee but don’t be fooled.  No one has the power to change fear into love in a person’s soul, or water into wine.  Remember that parable? Only we have that power over ourselves.

Don’t feel abnormal or crazy because you love someone so much you just can’t seem to get past it.  That is the risk you were willing to embrace.  Be excited about your own bravery and honesty.  That is the gift of love. Know that by keeping up the faith and giving of yourself so generously and lovingly, someday in the not-so-distant-future, another will spot your light and rush towards its glow with the same abandonment in which you are prepared to give.

In the meantime, it’s really the dream of sharing that depth of intimacy

that is keeping you stuck in the ruminations, recriminations, pondering, wishing, yearning and yes at those irresistible moments, texting! The desire to connect is powerful in us – its one of those hard-wired aspects of our psyche that is linked to survival, reproduction and safety.

The most helpful thing for you to do is to pray for them.  Pray for their happiness, good health and spiritual enlightenment.  Send them your love (not by texting, NO texting) in your heart.  One day you’ll wake up and realize you have moved on and that really sexy, sweet smiling person you met the other day…is wondrously taking up more and more of your psychic space.

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I often receive emails and phone calls from desperate people seeking help and spiritual direction regarding possession, curses, and all manner of pesky, dark and invasive entities.  Caught in a vortex of fear, people are willing to do anything to free themselves of this perceived blight on their lives. Attributing everything from their financial ruin to relationship disintegration on a curse they were told had been placed on them or their family up to a millennium ago.  For those who adhere to a belief in reincarnation, this fear assumes alarming and gargantuan proportions.    

Confusion About the Spirit World

Light, love and good are intensely more overpowering forces than dark, fear and evil.  When you are in a shudder-less dark room and light a candle, notice how much light is cast into the room?  Enough to see another person or make out where objects are placed. 

Conversely, imagine yourself in a sunny room and notice how much shadow is cast by an object.  Does it throw the bright room into a pitch blackness? or are you still able to see everything in the room?  When you meet someone who is afraid and you offer a warm smile, does this not easily relax their fear?  When you are having an upsetting, nothing-going-right sort of day and someone smiles warmly with a friendly gesture, do you notice how all the day's frustrations suddenly melt away from your mind?  A little love seems to go a long way just like a little candle lit in the darkness.

If I am mindfully honourable and act in a loving manner towards others; if I work in the light and believe in the power of love and goodness, how could darkness overwhelm me? 

If I believe that I am cursed, I must ask myself why I insist on staying in the shadow.  If everything in my life feels terrible, it isn't that someone has sent a bad spirit to plague me, it's that I'm not asking the highest and best to be with me.  Whenever you ask spirit to be with you, always request for the highest and the best to assist you. 

When We Pass onto the World of Spirit 

it's like the mirror image of the material plane, only reversed.  Those who persistently attach themselves to the material plane will remain so attached in spirit, meaning they will be on the lowest level of spiritual existence.  This is why people were admonished to be cautious when using tools like the Ouji Board.  Do you know who or what you are inviting for a visit? Untrained, you could easily be inviting any spirit in the astral plane (the lowest and most earthbound plane) to parlay with you and unless they are there out of love it could very well be for purposes of their own design which may or may not match your own.

Who are Your Spirit Guides?

Frankly I don't trust anyone here on earth is qualified to tell me that.  This is a gift you will receive from spirit directly through a series of synchronistic signs, symbols, dreams and visions when the connection is ready to be established.  Trust in what you know to be true.  You want those of the highest celestial realms to be with you in your times of suffering and desperation.  The brightest lights in the celestial realms easily dispel any darkness cast by those ignorant spirits caught still between the worlds.  We cannot be cursed or attacked unless we are persistently acting in darkness. 

Just like you need to work in the light here on earth, so must you do in spirit.  If you sincerely and fervently believe you are cursed by an ignorant spirit, ask with a selfless heart that they be brought into the light by those most spiritually advanced in the celestial realm.  Immediately the light dispels their darkness and you are left to live your life in peace.

Quote from Cora L. V. Richmond (my spiritual guide)

“Have you ever seen how in the midst of truth, falsehood betrays itself and strives to fly away from the peaceful yet clear light of the vanquishing nature of truth? Such is the condition of ignorance and crime. 

In spirit life, immured in one's own condition, one may not be aware that one's state is a state of negation, because to the individual the reality of one's own state becomes more and more apparent, and more and more appalling. 

Such must have been the states of darkness into which Dante gazed when he looked into purgatory; this condition within the individual where they bear with them their atmosphere of darkness, and conscious of their own condition, how could they be powerful to do harm to others?

The humans of evil intentions are like pirates instead of merchant ships, and passing into spirit life, they carry with them the mists and shadows of their own state, and they would strike blindly if they struck forth to injure others.

It is singular law of spiritual existence that the centre of attraction for every spiritual force is the individual, and that as the individual is bright, or beautiful, or good, all spiritual force that resembles that state will be drawn toward the individual. 

If you send forth prayers, they return into blessings; if you send forth good thoughts, they return in beautiful images to surround you; and if you send forth shadows, they envelope you in shadows, for you surround yourself with your own thoughts and conceptions.

If it were possible for the spirit to steal, think of murder, revenge, or any condition resembling those states, that same law of which we speak would send this thought back upon him or herself, and redouble the shadows around them, until by the very overwhelming weight of their own condition the spirit would strive to overcome it.”

Cora eloquently describes how it would be for a spirit sending you negative energy from the spirit world. The negative energy would increase the shadows around them exponentially until the spirit would be energized to finally overcome it.  Spirits cannot send you negative energy nor do we have the power to boss spirit around. I cannot tell a spirit to attack you – well I can but it would be a wasted breath. There is no such thing as curses!  There is only your own belief in their existence that powers the shadow effect.  It is your own energy coming back to you.

If someone in any way suggests you have been “cursed”, laugh and move on because that curse they believe was sent to you is redoubling back on them. Don’t be duped into paying someone to remove a curse that doesn’t exist.

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We dream the same dream that everyone else does at one time or another.  Not surprising considering we also share passionate feelings in common; such as, fear, anger, joy, love, hate, desire, suffering, shock, boredom and pain. Intense, overwhelming feelings spark our unconscious to give them expression in our dreams.

These Dream Expressions of Emotion..

share universal symbols, activity and characters. Despite our differences in language, culture and faith, universal symbols do prevail.  For example, a looking glass in the west may become a reflective pool in a natural setting or running from a foe through a subway system may be a deep underwater cave in a remove village but the meaning of the symbol remains the same.

Typically, these dreams will come to us prior to or following an external transformational event, such as,

  • getting married,
  • having a baby,
  • preparing for an exam,
  • losing a loved one,
  • moving,
  • graduation,

or internal event, such as,

  • a growth spurt,
  • becoming ill,
  • hormonal changes,
  • healing,
  • attitude or belief shifts.

Examples of Universal dreams,

  • being able to fly,
  • being naked,
  • being in prison/cage, the hospital/spa or school/classroom,
  • hair and/or teeth falling out,
  • observing a different self in a reflection,
  • being chased,
  • being extraordinarily big or small in stature,
  • being possessed by an indescribable entity,
  • being in the presence of a supreme being or alien,
  • demonstrating an ability to perform an impossible feat such as killing a monster,
  • falling from a high place.

These archetypal dreams help us to,

  • Prepare to face a challenge, competition or fight,
  • Cope with an emotional shock such as the death of a loved one,
  • Release pent up emotional energy we have been ego-controlling while awake,
  • Face and effectively cope with a physical imbalance and/or ailment,
  • Recognize how critical the pending or just passed event has affected us,
  • Understand what choices we must make and the potential consequences of making the wrong one.

Archetypal dreams are memorable and oftentimes so disturbing to the psyche, we are jolted awake. Even to the point of leaping out of bed! Consider that they are like important letters from the realm of spirit.  These big dreams carry a regulatory function, bringing our psyches into balance by compensating for an overly egoistic approach to a significant life event. Furthermore, they can point to the direction our emotional life is heading. You might awaken to find your heart pounding, sweating profusely and feeling a sense of dread for what is ahead and think, “WHEW glad that was just a dream!

Take heed!  The dream is warning you of what is bubbling emotionally inside you.  Ignore at your peril. Consider it likely that your spirit has already been gently nudging you to ponder these issues but you’ve been stubbornly head-blind to its gentle hints.  Exasperated, your psyche has rolled up its sleeves and decided to get downright scary to get through your egoistic barriers.

I’ve experienced several at various times in my life.  I can recall them all in detail despite the fact I a few them came to me almost 50 years ago.  As I reflect on them today, I realize just how critical they were at the time, in helping me to understand the profound impact the life event they were signaling was having on me.  These life events were changing me and spirit wanted me to see how and to what degree.

Don't Be Wasteful and Ignore Archetypal Dreams!

Talk these dreams through with someone you trust and respect.  Document them and remember to include the date you had the dream. Remember to include a brief note describing what was going on in your life around the time you had the dream.  Ask yourself,

  • What did this dream teach me I didn’t know before?
  • What advice is the dream offering?
  • Where was the light in the dream and from which direction was it coming?
  • How did my feelings shift throughout the dream?
  • What is the opposite to this dream? (for example, if you were dreaming of flying, its opposite would be crawling with cement legs along the ground)
  • What alternative choices could I have made in the dream?
  • What was missing that might have made the dream more pleasurable, inspiring or funny?

The Ideal Way to Work Towards an Understanding of these Dreams'...

deeper meaning is to recreate them visually – paint, collage, act out with friends, or create 3D replicas. Seeing your dream images in form in your waking life is a powerful way to facilitate a conversation between your unconscious and conscious minds.  It’s the royal road to dream interpretation and is the most effective process to discharge pent-up emotional energy.  Remember that our emotional brain centres are neighbours to our creative and spiritual centres.

The process of working with these dreams will help you to release and discharge the emotional energy pent up from the transitional experience you are navigating in your life.  You’ll know yourself a better and be ready to manage your next transitional phase with savvy and grace.

Articles Posted in April 

Tarot of the Vampyres Review - if you like the whole Vampire mythology you're very likely to enjoy this Tarot deck.  To read my review in full CLICK HERE!

If you are interested in learning more about dream interpretation you might like to begin your journey at my dreams dictionary online.  I posted a full 8 week dream study group program based on dream study groups I facilitated for years.  Forming your own group is the absolutely best way to study, explore and interpret your dreams.  Just CLICK HERE to access this program.

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Testimonial Snippet

"Hi Kathleen

I just wanted to say thank you! Mort told me your reading brought him a lot of clarity in his life and he absolutely loved it!

You are a wonderful soul! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

Cheers Lily"

More Testimonials


By Ian Daniels

If you like vampire mythology, are under forty and want to learn the Tarot but are intimidated by the traditional tarot symbols, you’ll likely delight in this deck.  The images are finely detailed and reasonably capture the culture, characters and settings of the vampire myth.

The images are not unexpected, gory or dare I say…original.  This is not a deck I would be inclined to reach for in conducting readings for clients unless they were especially fond of Goth culture and vampires in particular.

Most Tarot clients perch on a spectrum of anxiety from mild to severe already without tossing out cards depicting vampires.  This deck would hardly settle their already fluttering hearts.  Youthful, strikingly beautiful, ethereal vampires in dramatic, dark settings stir thoughts of soap opera rather than tarot in my imagination. Rather reminiscent of the whole Twilight movie series, this deck is one best suited to a romantic, teenage reader.

I noticed that each card featured typically one, sometimes two, but rarely three characters which set me on a path to investigate the traditional family cards. The Ten of Grails (in traditional Tarot the ten of cups) and the Ten of Skulls (ten of pentacles/disks) were my specific targets.  What sort of family vampire images would the illustrator use, I eagerly wondered?

Disappointed, all the tens depict a single, model-beautiful, adolescent female vampire.  Where is her family or her connection to others in her life? The author has no excuse for this omission!  Vampires, according to lore are fiercely loyal and clannish about their family relationships. Possessive and proud, vampires have a strict hierarchal order determined by family bonds.  The failure on the part of the author to take advantage of this opportunity to express the importance of family led me to ponder why.  Does the author know the true meanings of the cards he has illustrated?  Does the author not care to draw analogies between Vampire lore and the classic Tarot meanings? Do why do a Tarot deck?

In the Accompanying Text “Phantasmagoria”

the author does note that these cards point to family yet he fails to illustrate them in the cards.  It’s disappointing when a tarot deck fails to reflect its grander, timeless mystery but rather the mundane and prurient preferences of its creator.

The text is a well written and thought-provoking.  It’s sophisticated, well rounded and succinct.  It even stretches to explain why a tarotist would use vampire imagery to depict the meaning of the tarot,

“A liking for horror and eeriness could be dismissed as morbid or unhealthy, but it could also be said that it’s unwholesome to deny the existence of our own darker shadows.  If we face our fears, we can master them rather than project them out onto the world and onto others, which can reveal itself as irrational hatred, bullying, or illogical or delusional morality. Denying fear isn’t only emotionally unwise, it could be physically dangerous.”

Reading this however, failed to change my mind in terms of using this deck to do readings for clients but it certainly went far to redeem the creator of this set.  I was star-struck realizing Ian Daniels is no intellectual lightweight which one might deduce from simply perusing his deck.  He’s an illustrator by profession, not a tarotist, writer or academic (as far as I was able to determine) yet the magic of this vampire set lies predominantly in this aspect of the project.  You must read his card descriptions and explanations to fully appreciate this body of work.  His chapter on the Magician, Temperance, and Fortune are especially noteworthy. Every time I pick up this book I find passages I want to quote.

Would I Recommend this Tarot Deck?

I don’t know how long this project took Ian Daniels to complete but I’m sure it was years.  As I sit here contemplating whether I would recommend it, I have to say yes.  The book is so exceptionally good and you wouldn’t want to read the book without having the deck to peruse at the same time.  They are indeed a set that must be explored together.

Although I might have been harsh about my reservations regarding the imagery of this deck, I have only admiration for Ian Daniel’s artistic gift.  His images are creative, satisfyingly detailed, and hauntingly beautiful.  If you are a young person quite enamoured with vampire culture, you would be enchanted by these images. If you are an older Tarotist like myself, you will likely find these images somewhat annoyingly pornographic and adolescent.  Not that I’m a prude or conservative by any stretch (is a tarotist ever?), but the overemphasis on young, beautiful, seductive vampires staring at the viewer at every turn gets old quickly.

I’m confident this deck will attract a large number of fans and I’m happy to ponder those who will find a treasure of a book hidden behind this unoriginal vampire deck.  It’s likely that those who will be attracted to this set will be just those who will benefit the most from its insights and wisdoms.

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Synchronicity is the Word…

used by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung to label our experience of two seemingly unconnected events taking place simultaneously.  For example, paying for an item at the till an amount that weirdly matches your birthday number and it’s on your birthday that it happens.  Hearing from 3 different friends on the same day who share the same first names.  These synchronistic events feel related and spur us to ponder their meaning. 

As a child, once I got a few of these oddball synchronicities under my belt, I tried to make it happen. I started loving the feeling.  It was exciting, mysterious and somehow uplifting.  Riding my bicycle down a hill with my eyes closed, climbing into a freezing bath, hanging from the monkey bars as long as I possibly could, annoyingly didn’t seem to do the trick.  That delicious, sparky synchronicity experience persistently adhered to random and nonsense. 

Separating synchronicity from psychic ability however was my adolescent challenge. I knew I was psychic from a very young age so thinking of someone and bumping into them was more about connecting with them psychically than synchronicity.  Dreaming of something or someone and having it manifest in waking life was chocked up to psychic experience too. 

Synchronicity was different.  It was more about connecting to something else – something rather grand and outside the realm of just me.  I would wonder who was orchestrating this synchronicity.  What did it mean in general and specific terms?

I’ve a couple of real dandies.  As a psychic reader of course I come across oddities that some might describe as synchronicity but I would classify more under the heading of psychic.  One woman made an appointment to meet with me under quite extraordinary circumstances.  She had seen a psychic months earlier while visiting a friend in London, England.  The psychic told her she must see a psychic reader that is practicing close to her home in Canada in a tea room and her name is Kathleen.  The story gets stranger. 

Upon returning home, naturally she went on a hunt for a reader named Kathleen who was doing readings in a local tea room.  It didn’t take her long to find me.  She was shocked to discover I was working out of a tea room she frequented with her girlfriends and had never heard of me!  The fact I was practicing in her favourite little Tea Room and didn’t know until meeting with this psychic in London was a mind bender for everyone.

Perhaps the Most Extraordinary Experience…

I’ve had with synchronicity happened while I was living in San Francisco in 1989 studying for my M.A. in east/west psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies.  I had decided that spring that the course I was taking with Angeles Arrien on Transitions which focused on the teachings of the I-Ching, was to be my last.  It was offered to me free of charge by the school as recognition for some scholarship achievement or other which was the only reason I had delayed my return to Canada by a few months.
I was feeling rather wistful after that first class (April 1989) and headed to a Hunan Restaurant on the Haight to have lunch.  After my meal, the waiter brought the bill with a fortune cookie. Gotta love those fortune cookies.  I opened the cookie to read the message with my usual curious-but-not-expecting-anything-profound frame of mind, and it read, “You need a new environment.  Try Canada.”

Squawking I leapt to my feet.  I zoomed to an alternate universe. I honestly couldn’t imagine I was still on earth. The waiter rushed over to see if everything was okay.  I said, “This fortune cookie! It’s impossible!” I noticed everyone in the restaurant was now observing me with some trepidation.  Oh God another loony loose on Haight Ashbury! Embarrassed I quickly paid my bill and walked all the way home not noticing the 5 km. 

I just couldn’t get my head around this fortune cookie.  It was such a perfect answer to what was troubling me.  I felt such joy that I was making the right decision to leave San Francisco – and all because a fortune cookie told me so.  The fact that the waiter had just casually reached into a box of fortune cookies and pulled just that one out for me was simply beyond anything I could comprehend.  That’s synchronicity.

A Realization I had While Walking Home…

was that synchronicity was like dreaming.  If we don’t pick up a dream message on its first run at us, we will have the dream again, and again until we do.  I had an insight that synchronicity must be subjected to the same interpretive process.  I really thought I must have missed a few signals before this incident with the fortune cookie to push the universe to resort to such an extreme measure. 

Upon returning home to Canada I watched the news like a freak expecting something disastrous to happen in San Francisco and indeed there was a destructive earthquake in October of that year that would have impacted me. 

Most importantly however, I met my husband just a short month after my return which I felt was the true reason for a need for me to return to Canada right at that time. He was on his way out of town and would only have been around for another month before meeting me. Time was of the essence the universe (or whoever!) felt – get this girl back to Canada asap!

David Wilcock in his Fascinating Book Titled,

The Synchronicity Key posits that synchronicity is a sacred process to remind us that we are all connected, that we are all ONE. It’s a signal that wakes us up to this sacred reality of unity and connectedness.  I know it has rattled me awake many times in my life and I am always thankful when it happens.  It’s exciting, regenerating and warming to our hearts and minds. There is a sense of order in the universe.  Everything is connected.  We are not alone.

New Articles Posted in March
I wrote 2 Tarot deck reviews last month - either would appeal to you if you love Tarot and are considering buying a new deck:

The first is the Illuminati Tarot which was an interesting journey for me.

The second is the Far Sight Tarot from Australia which was an interesting deck produced a couple of years ago.

If you are interested in learning more about your dreams you might find my article Dreaming Yourself a Shaman provocative.

If you are interested in reading about my sewing adventures, I have a new post on my psychicsewing blogThe Harrison Shirt adventure.

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Testimonial Snippet

" Thank-you so much Kathleen for your advice.  You are quite accurate in your readings. I suggest to everyone to have a reading with you, not only are you compassionate but very direct in your answers thank-you once again :) "
Sincerely, Sandy

More Testimonials

In a longitudinal study, 7000 students were interviewed about their dreams.  This was an enormous study, crossing countries, cultures, generations and language. The data revealed that there are more differences in dream content between males and females than between cultures.  Furthermore, there are approximately 34 recurrent themes that typically comprise our dreams universally.

Typical dream themes,

  • Sexual,
  • Varying degrees of nudity or exposure,
  • Unpreparedness,
  • Falling or teetering on the edge of a precipice,
  • Flying,
  • Fighting,
  • Fleeing,
  • Imprisonment,
  • Hair or teeth falling out,
  • Dead loved ones.

Pleasant, Joyful Dreams…

are much fewer than upsetting ones because we tend to suppress the negative in our lives to cope day to day with its challenges.  According to classic psychiatric theory, we have pleasant dreams often when we are depressed in our waking lives.  With a depressed patient, a psychiatrist is advised to pay close attention to a report of a happy dream because it may be signaling an imminent suicide attempt.

Your First Task in Dream Interpretation is…

to ask yourself, “What is the opposite to this dream?” This could lead to a powerful insight about what in your waking life is bothering you and what you might do to heal it.

Consider This:  The dreamer creates an entirely real world in minute detail.  Each dream arouses within us the conviction that we are awake. We are creating an entire world!  Environment, characters, feelings, action, objects are all there for us to observe and not one single aspect is redundant or irrelevant.

A recent Italian study determined that in an 80-year life span, we spend 20 years of that dreaming. Twenty years of human existence is spent in pure creativity. We breathe, we eat and we dream.

Dreams are a path to enlightenment that will cost you nothing and bring you everything.  You dream of the future, of loved ones passed and you dream of how to heal yourself and others of disease. 

Working with your dreams channels shamanic power.

When recording your dreams remember to,

  • Give your dream a title, and date it,
  • Have a recording device handy by your bedside in which to record your dreams initially because we say more about a dream upon awakening than we can or may be willing to write,
  • Record it in the present tense, for example, "I am walking in an old house and as I look out the window I see a black dog peering in at me."
  • Make note how you felt immediately upon awakening and how you felt throughout the dream action.

Organize a Dream Binder with Sections that Include…

  1. Dreams with short notes about the day before or following the dream.
  2. Your own dream symbol dictionary. As you enter new symbols in your dictionary and write out your interpretations of that symbol you are opening a communication channel between your varying levels of conscious; between heaven and earth, between spirit and psyche. You will witness that symbol transforming from dream to dream as you carry it through to the light of consciousness. Kittens become cats, a child’s rocking horse transforms into a beautiful race horse; sitting in a plane transforms to becoming a bird in flight etc.
  3. Pictures depicting images you saw in your dreams can be in another section.
  4. Notes and quotes from other dream interpreters another section.

The flexibility of a binder lends itself more effectively to working more fluidly with your dream material.  You might be sitting in a café, doodling when suddenly you notice you are drawing a dream image.  This should be put into your journal for later contemplation.

Express Your Dream Artistically

Plan and execute an art project related to a big dream or dream series. This will involve making a dream character, activity, setting, or action manifest.  Collage, sculpt, paint, use whatever materials at hand or what feels right for you. 

I did a multi-media wall hanging years ago on a dream series involving a woman hanging from a Ferris Wheel while I observed from a castle turret. The result was powerful and hung on my wall for years.  It took me more than a decade to interpret this dream’s meaning. But having it hanging in my office gave me ample opportunity to ponder its message.

Dream Study Group
The most transformative methodology for working with your dreams is to form a dream study group.  People share their dreams and dreamwork and help each other unpack their meaning through a series of questions, play acting and suggestions.  If you go forward with this idea however, research the best ways to listen to other’s dreams in order to protect everyone’s privacy, dignity and self-agency.

Visit Kathleen’s dream web site at where she has a full 8 week dream study group outline you can follow to create your own dream exploration group.

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The Far Sight Tarot is one I have seldom used for readings.  Not because I don’t love its artistry, interpretive work, adherence to nature symbolism, maturity and impressive quality, but rather because of the frustration I experience deciding which cards to choose.

What Fool Card to Use?

Helen generously provided options with four of the majors:  She provided two Oddballs (the Fool), Machismos (the Emperor), Lovers, and Temperance and recommended you use only one of each in a reading.  Making that choice stymies me every time.  Up until now I’ve just given up and thrown them all in but that never feels right either.  A tarot deck should have 78 cards!  I don’t want to double the possibility of one of these four cards showing up more often than they should.  So sadly I wrap the deck back up in its lovely accompanying bag and put it back in my cabinet until the next time I want to tackle it.

In the Oddball you must decide if you want the character and dog walking towards you or walking away; in the Lovers you must decide if you want to see the top part of their entwined bodies or just the lower half of their faceless bodies; in Temperance, do you want to see the front or back of the Minotaur?  For the Machismo (Emperor), do you want to see a close up of the sword or a close up of the goat?  As I ponder the perspective I want, I put them aside for greater contemplation later. They drive me crazy with pondering, rumination and struggle!  That alone is an extraordinary accomplishment for an author to achieve in a tarotist of almost 40 years!

By nudging you to make a choice she is challenging you to decide what the card means to you and how you want to interpret it.  Do you imagine the Fool approaching you or walking away from you?  That’s a tough one.  That alone has kept me in suspended animation for over an hour.

Two Temperance Cards Even More Mind Boggling

Temperance is even more mind boggling as you consider the minotaur is in one card coming towards you and in the other facing away; additionally in the card where he’s facing you, he is pouring water from a jug that he’s muscling over his right shoulder while in the other Temperance card, he holds a jug upright that appears to be emitting a rainbow. In the second card, it would appear the minotaur has already poured the water out of the jug and is now returning to his cave.  There is that before and after theme again.  I have never considered whether I’m viewing a character in the card before or after the main event or coming towards you or walking away.  It changes how you will read that card significantly.

Wonderful, Evocative Accompanying Tarot Textbut tiny

If you’re hoping for some help in deciding which card to use, you won’t find it in her accompanying booklet.  Although well written and innovative just like her deck, it fails to help you decide which emphasis you would like to utilize. There are aspects of the book however that are also evocative and unique.  Her descriptions of the meaning of the cards are very well written; succinct yet fulfilling.  She bolds a few key words to aid you in grasping the central meaning in a glance.  I liked her book overall but I would have killed for a larger font.  The print is so tiny I have to sit it on the end of my nose to read it.  I wish authors would consider us aging Tarotists in the design of their little accompanying books!

The cards are rather large (6” X 3.5”) and of a much heftier stock than most decks in the market.  Helen has included a keyword at the bottom of the card which I favour.  I know some people find descriptive words distracting and even annoying, but I like them.  For example she refers to the Air King (King of Wands) as a “mentor” and the 3 Wands is a “flying start”.  Not interpretations I would typically use to describe these cards, yet perfect in combination with the symbols she’s used.  Once again she succeeds in her desire to be thought provoking and original.  For an author who describes herself as not an “authority” on the Tarot, she has done a thorough job in her interpretative work.  She draws inspiration for her symbolism from inspiration, personal relationships and belongings, statues from antiquity, nature, mythology and astrology.  No stone is left unturned!  The result is a body of work that is beautiful to behold and one to contemplate.   

Helen decided to use what she describes as the classic fire element for swords, but in my classic training Swords have always been air.  Regardless of these challenges, I’ve decided to use Helen’s deck more regularly and get over my hesitation about making a decision regarding these four majors.  I’ll make my choice and stick with it and see where this deck takes me and my clients.  The truth is that I love this deck for all its originality and haunting beauty.

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I met with a woman last week here in Victoria who is just about to launch a Tarot reading practice in northern Ontario.  It was such a pleasure to meet with someone who is just at the starting gate of her journey into this work. Her questions and insights reminded me of my teaching days and how much fun it was to share my passion with others of like mind.

There are a myriad of components to reading for another. So many that when someone calls me off my web site and asks, “So what is it that you do exactly?”, I stumble and mumble around a bit until I find my stride.

We’re storytellers, advisors, and probably most importantly what I would describe as a re-framer.  I’ve always been told I’m particularly gifted at that.  Long before I was a professional reader, I was a re-framer.

I listen to people’s narratives about their lives and help them to re-frame the ways to think and describe their stories. Too often when we’re telling our story, it can be contaminated with insecurities, self-deprecation, and self-flagellation. What it is about guilt and apology that’s so alluring anyway!?

I help people tell and consider their story objectively and hopefully help them to take a larger and more long term perspective.  Most would agree that everything happens for a reason.  When a relationship collapses or we lose a job or a friend, it usually turns out to be a good thing. It probably means you’ve dodged a bullet, you just can’t see that yet.

I also give people a sense of where they are heading in their story-path.  Good to know!

Dodging a Bullet

I spoke with a client last night who was typical in many respects to what many women go through at some point in their lives.  They find themselves in a relationship with someone they’ve known for years as a friend.  They can’t believe how fortunate they are to be falling in love with someone who is already familiar and trusted.  Then BOOM! Inexplicably, alarmingly that person steps away. The relationship is over and that so and so has moved onto another.  She asked me tearfully-wistfully if he would be crawling back soon; regretful, apologetic, and devastated.  She asked me if he would soon see clearly that this new “s---“ isn’t right for him, that obviously he belongs with her.

Nope.  That is definitely not going to happen.

Hearing that of course didn’t make her happy.  Maybe that’s a bit of an understatement.  She cursed, cried, yelled and fell into a puddle of despair.

I worked to help her to see that this relationship was just not to be.  The seeds of its disintegration were evident right at the start, she had just turned a blind eye to them.  I’m sure she wasn’t fine when our time together came to a close. I wasn’t able to heal her wound in such a limited time frame but I was able to help her see that once she has suffered enough, is honestly sick of moping about him, she’ll be out there meeting people and dating someone new.  He’ll be a lesson, a memory, a step along the way in her journey to fulfillment.

Drawing a Tarot Card as One of My Play Tools

I do use my Tarot deck but not especially in a traditional manner.  I don’t always do full spread readings for everyone. I don’t do readings exactly the same for everyone or even the same every time.  It’s a dance between my intuition and my tools which include the Tarot but not the Tarot exclusively either.  I pick up my pendulum to answer yes/no questions or sometimes a crystal. I might “accidently” drop something on the floor which spurs me to examine it more closely.  Spirit speaks through all kinds of symbols.  One time I asked a question and the lights flickered. That doesn’t happen often so it made me pause and ponder what I’d just asked.  That train of thought led to an interesting exploration that the client found immeasurably helpful.

Sometimes I just pull cards as the client asks questions or several if the question is complex.  For example, with the woman above she asked, “How does he feel about me?” Because it was obvious his feelings had transited from his original feeling for her (not unusual) to how he was feeling about her today, I pulled several cards and pondered what that meant.  Interestingly his feelings were warm and he expected to feel even better towards her in the future.

Since she wasn’t feeling the love nor did she ever expect to in the future, this came as quite a revelation.  The dynamic between these people in the past, today and looking forward gave me a stronger sense of where he was at about his feelings towards her.

One woman came for a reading with questions about her marriage.  I turned up the Prince of Swords for him and right beside him I turned over the Princess of Swords.   What immediately stood out was the fact that he was looking off in the distance away from her and she was looking towards him.  That’s exactly how I read it.

I said, “He is looking off somewhere and you are looking at him but you aren’t getting eye contact”.

I listen for the unspoken question – the underlying concern. Some clients will come with a bazillion questions and I can’t answer all of them in the time arranged – so my primary goal is to help clients to identify their BIG question or at least central theme. Then if we have time remaining we can jog through as many of their smaller, more specific questions as possible.

At times, I simply need to know what is predominantly on my client’s mind today. I start by asking them if there is anything keeping them awake at night or waking them up in the middle of night, unable to return to slumber. Once the main area of concern has been identified, getting to the central question is not so difficult.  Freud once declared that once our love and work life is sorted we’re adjusted and happy. That’s really all it takes.

I would add a few others to mix as well such as health, money and our children’s (if we have children) happiness.  They are as important.  I would say almost 99% of what people ask me fall somewhere in those five categories.

Divination is a Reverse Perception

A client is not required to ask a question and certainly I read for many clients who shy away from the invite to do so.  I explain to clients that if they don’t ask a question they are left with the complex task of translating the messages I convey into something that makes sense.  If they ask a question, I do that translation work for them.  In a reading I’m reaching to catch the whole situation, evaluating the issues that arise from the dynamic interplay of cards within the formal structure which takes a lot of experience.

Divination is a kind of reverse perception where one has to see the whole picture and work from the whole to the particular. At the same time, however you need to be aware that the whole is composed of particulars. This is the challenge of reading and what we as readers must develop advanced skill in.  You will observe the whole pattern – break it down into its particulars - at the same time see how the particulars make up the whole.

People often mistakenly believe that doing readings is easy. Like anything the more you do it, the better you get.  It’s challenging, exciting, rewarding and a privilege.  To new readers however, it’s terrifying, frustrating, depressing and they wonder for at least the first couple of years whether they can continue. Many don’t.  Most don’t to be honest.  But like anything, the longer you persevere, the more confident you become that you are exactly where you should be.

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by Robert M Place

If you have ever worked with Robert Place’s Alchemical Tarot deck, you would immediately recognize his work in this 2012 released Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery. Both decks include symbols, characters, objects, animals and elements which are depicted using vibrantly coloured images, heavily outlined in black.

A Tarot Passed Down from Your Ancestors

Not intended to be realistic, the images suggest simplicity (albeit misleading!), reminiscent of a child’s colouring book. The deck has the feel of an antiquated tarot deck which according to Robert, was a deliberate contrivance.  He is a great lover of the Renaissance:  A time, as he points out, when the Tarot was mysteriously catapulted onto the Italian, aristocratic scene.  This Tarot deck resembles a treasure passed down from your ancestors.  It should be dog-eared and faded.  Secretly I look forward to a time when mine looks a little beaten up. I am using it daily but the deck itself is so well varnished and solidly constructed that I despair of how long it’s likely to take before it looks a little used, never mind antique.

This deck however could mislead in its simple presentation. There is nothing simple about this tarot deck. The symbolism is rich and complex; every aspect of each card has been crafted with careful and intelligent mindfulness. Don’t let that scare you away from this deck however, because Robert has kindly put some text onto a few of the more complex cards to help you understand what the symbols mean.

The Sun Card Represented by Apollo

For example, the Sun card which Robert has named Apollo for obvious reasons, depicts a mermaid from behind, as she regards the God, Apollo before her. Apollo is face on and the text beside the mermaid reads, “reason”.  The text beside Apollo reads “logic”. In his accompanying book, Robert explains, “She is reason and He is logic. The divine logic behind human reason, they join in the hero’s gambles (define marriage). This union can represent spiritual love, a soul mate, marriage, or enlightenment.”

Although Robert has assigned an original meaning to the Sun card, his explanation takes the reader down a whole new and exciting interpretation of this card. His symbols make sense, and his explanation is thoughtful, succinct and intelligent.

A Tarot Without Redundancy

But Robert doesn’t handhold the reader by any means. There are cards in the deck that have absolutely no text. The PIP cards for instance have no text or numerical values to identify them. I get a sense that Robert is playing with us! He seems to be saying this is a deck without redundancy. If you know the tarot, you can count and you don’t need to be told what number of cups, wands, swords or pentacles you are looking at. Why clog a perfectly balanced image with redundant and distracting text?

The deck comes with, as is typical of tarot decks, a small, accompanying booklet. And it is tiny! So tiny in fact, that I put it through a photocopier to enlarge it for reading comfort. But it was worth the effort. Robert has offered assurances that he is writing a complete treatise to explain this deck in greater depth in the future and I am already anticipating its release. The text to explain his Alchemical Tarot was just released in 2012.

Robert’s introduction to the sevenfold ministry in the booklet is an article you don’t want to miss. Choosing a passage to quote was challenging but I did think this piece was a good representation of the riches you’ll find here.  In this passage Robert explains why the number “7” is central to this deck,

“The seven planets were thought of as the sole centres of the cosmos and corresponding sole centres could be found ascending the spine, from the sacrum to the crown of the head, in the microcosm of the human body. Pythagoras developed the diatonic music scale with seven notes to capture the sound that each planet made as it orbited the earth. This was called the “music of the spheres.” He marked each know with one of the seven vowels of the Greek alphabet and through musical treatment use this skill to bring the human soul centres into harmony with the planets.”

Well written, deliciously historical and an academic bit of esoterica, this little book is a treasure. 

Archetypal Tinkertoys

My favourite card is Fortuna.  Fortuna (Wheel of Fortune) features a blind-folded female character circled by a collection of detailed characters, animals and symbols.  When viewed closely, you are rewarded with a vision of astrological symbols.  Colourful, mysterious and priceless.  Immediately I was reminded of Cynthia Giles’ description of the Tarot as a collection of “archetypal tinkertoys”.

As a tarotist, I am grateful that Robert puts his rather impressive intellectual rigour into tarot work.  Your collection of tarot decks will not be complete without this one. Many who purchased Robert’s Alchemical Tarot in the past were grateful they bought one when they were available because long after they were sold out, there continued to an ever escalating demand to own one. Now if you would like a copy of that deck, you’ll be faced with paying rather impressive “collector” prices. 

So while supplies last, I would encourage you to purchase this latest and no less impressive body of work. It’s Renaissance, mysterious, complex, artful and so quintessentially Tarot. What more could you ask for from a tarot work? 

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Tarot by Kathleen

Tarot by Kathleen in Canada

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After reading for folks from all walks of life for more than thirty years, you’d imagine I’d be used to questions and discussions about soulmates by now but the truth is that any suggestion of soulmates renders me speechless.  This happens a lot in February. Well… it happens most months of the year but the dearth in February is noteworthy.

Somewhat tentatively, I ask, “What does this notion of soulmates mean to you?” 
It does mean different things to different people.  Aside from the obvious that my soulmate is not yours, everyone has a selection of characteristics that they believe will signal that they are in the presence of their soulmate. 

And let’s be honest, a person’s soulmate 99% of the time refers to the mate segment of the word.

Soulmate indicators may be physical (height, weight, colouring), personality (serious, quiet, risk-taking), spiritual (religion) or intellectual (education, aspirations).  In any case, most I speak with are confident their soulmate is both attractive and attracted to them. 

Seldom will an esoteric author take on this issue because it’s just too grand and sensitive a matter. You might imagine that this is a rather frivolous query but in truth it’s daunting and powerful. Who we partner with in life will have a life altering impact on the decisions we make in every aspect of our lives. 

Decisions for example that will determine the status of our health, who or if we have offspring, our longevity, geographical location, career path, self-esteem and other familial and friend relationships.

Yet most people choose their life partners rather impulsively, randomly and well to be blunt rather mindlessly.  People who are the most hesitant of risk-takers by nature will suddenly leap into a partnership with someone they met hair-raisingly briefly on vacation, online or at the local grocery store. 

True Spiritual Soulmates are Not Good Partners

From what I have learned over the past 40 years about soul mates (which you could write on a post-it note), a soul mate is someone our soul is attached to, often inexplicably yet determinedly. 

Because this attraction has nothing to do with ego, lust or apparent practicality, it’s crazy-making to try and explain it to anyone.  It is also highly unlikely that they would be the perfect mate for us at all.  That’s right.  Your soulmate from the perspective of soul has nothing to do with mating.

A soulmate is like your own personal guru.  Your true soul mate is a spiritual twin not an embodied one. This means that your soul mate indeed may be presenting in a relationship which is sibling, parent, child, distant relative, friend, colleague or neighbour. It might just be someone you meet sitting next to you on the public transit.

Your soulmate is that individual whom, upon meeting them for the first time, you feel as if you are spiritually home.  No words are necessary for the two of you to be at one yet they are your absolute and perfect opposite in every way.  Complete and absolute opposite.

The two of you together after all make up a complete whole.  Where they love details, you love the big picture; where you love art, they love accounting; where you love to talk about everything, they are silent; where you love to travel, they love being at home.  Imagine partnering with someone that opposite to you.  It would be frustrating, conflicting, intriguing and at the same time very addictive. 

Not one person in your social circle would understand or condone the alliance and no matter how hard you tried to explain it, you would fail miserably.

Partnership Between Soulmates is a Disaster

You would want to be with them all the time yet rarely would you see eye to eye or agree on where to be.  You would be driven to question every idea, feeling, impulse or choice you make driving you constantly up a challenging spiral of growth, and awareness. 

It would be exhausting, exhilarating and crazy-making.  I pray to meet mine in the spirit world once I’m done with this one.  A much easier to environment in which to work through out differences.

Your ideal mate is someone who shares at least a few fundamental similarities, such as values, priorities and personality quirks. These similarities would never be shared between soulmates.

I would be far more comfortable with the question, “Is this person going to make a life-enhancing partner for me?”  I can work with that question with more accuracy and ease.

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More Testimonials

By Karen Hamaker-Zondag

An Author Who Knows Tarot!

Despite having been published twenty years ago, I continue to have Tarot as a Way of Life on my recommended reading list.  If you resonate with Jungian psychology, you’ll love the way in which Karen ties the tarot to Jungian psychology. If you aren’t conversant in Jung and wish to be, you will learn a lot about it by simply studying this book. But that’s certainly not all you’ll find in this rich treatise.

Karen Hamaker-Zondag’s introduction, “When I started to study the tarot more seriously in 1972, I did as so many others do…”   That was twenty-five years earlier than the publication of her book.  I think we can safely assume that this is a woman who knows the tarot.  She has studied the tarot, worked with the deck and grew alongside the development of the tarot and its transformations over decades.

Karen is a modernist interpreter.  The combination in her background as a founding member of a school of Jungian psychology in Holland and a holder of two Ph.D.’s in social geography and environmental engineering, makes Karen a credible academic. Further to these prestigious accomplishments, Karen’s post-graduate work in psychology, astrology and parapsychology, full-time counselling practice and world travel, contributes an impressive, multifaceted, perspective. 

In this 260 page book we are guided through a discussion of what the tarot is, its history and how its connected to numerology, astrology, and archetypal psychology. Although Karen discusses a few decks, she utilizes the Coleman-Waite imagery to accompany her description of the meanings of the cards.  If you know this deck, you’ll definitely want to read Karen’s assigned meanings to the symbols and imagery. Karen helps the tarotist to see and translate the meanings of the cards within a psycho-dynamic tradition.  It’s quite simply intellectually delicious.

Psychology has Plagiarized Esotericism 

If you are being confronted by people who consider your study of the tarot to be rather frivolous and light weight, lend them a copy of this book to read.  If you are a practicing psychotherapist who plays in the closet with your tarot deck, this book will help you bridge these two passions into a more congruent whole. It might even inspire and build your confidence to utilize the tarot in some meaningful exercises.

While other authors have broken down the 22 Majors into expressions of spiritual development, Karen has divided them into three psychological stages of development: the Fool to the Hierophant representing our basic drives and the Lovers to the Hanged Man, our ego development.  Individuation or generativity where we integrate conscious and unconscious is represented by the Death to World cards.  Her argument is compelling. Not that spiritual and psychological development must be mutually exclusive or contrary, but the emphasis on the psychological pushes us to consider the reality that these psychological teachings in the tarot are responsible for much of its power and mystery.  What was once a mystery known to only a few, is now more widely recognized and accepted into mainstream culture.

I’ve suspected for many years that the discipline of psychology has been riddled with the most unabashed plagiarists; taking a great deal of its so called insight from esoteric teachings.  In fact, I have believed that for years of Jung himself!

There are so many aspects of this book that I admire and often refer to in my lectures on the tarot. Karen discusses the cards in a numerology style; for example, all four aces, twos, threes etc. are presented together providing the reader with an opportunity to compare the meanings across the suits.  I prefer this style of presenting the deck because it makes it much simpler for the tarotist to recall this rather unwieldy amount of information.  It is helpful to know how each number is expressed through the energies of each suit.

Anyone is Welcome to Hold & Examine My Cards!

The book is an easy read. Rather deliciously erudite and yet unapologetic at the same time in its reference to the mysterious, esoteric and spiritual aspects of the tarot.  The author clearly loves the tarot.  A woman after my own heart. I often felt as if I were talking to myself or looking in a psychic mirror while reading this book.  It was uncanny how much in step I felt with her.  One passage (of many that I sadly don’t have the space to express!) always stays with me,

“Some readers make a great mystery over working with the cards.  We are warned never to allow anyone else to use our cards, or we are told that the cards will not work unless they are kept wrapped in a piece of silk.  This tends to give the tarot a magical aura, but this is usually nonsense in practice. Anyone is welcome to hold and examine my cards, and I carry the deck around with me in various ways-sometimes in a handkerchief to keep them clean, sometimes in a plastic bag if it is raining.  After use, they are left lying about on top of my desk.  In short, they are no more than tools, like the pen with which I write.  I have never had any unfortunate repercussions from treating the cards in this manner.”

Don’t you love the down-to-earth, practical voice of sanity evident here?  But don’t jump to any conclusions about this woman’s lack of respect for the mysterious and paranormal!  After all, one of her graduate degrees is in the paranormal.  I’ve often been asked similar questions, “How do you clean your deck?” or “Do you keep your deck in a silk pouch?” or “Is it okay to buy your own deck or do you have to wait to be gifted with one to use it?”  There are all sorts of silly and arbitrary rules assigned to working with the tarot by various misled, and dare I say? Yes I will! Dramatists and attention seekers. 

Karen’s delightful book won’t steer you wrong.  It was written to educate, demystify and inspire and she’s done a brilliant job of all three.

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