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July 2015 - Posts

Women's Sufferage, Spiritualism & InsanityOver the past few years I've been relentlessly researching 19th century spiritualism.  I can't seem to get enough of it.  The connections in particular between the women’s sufferage movement, Read More
I started this series in my monthly ezine "Let's Keep in Touch" a while ago and I decided to continue it due to the overwhelmingly positive response I receive from people after publishing these types of articles. My ruminations on this subject Read More
Naming My ProfessionMany clients who come to see me in person are curious to know more about my personal journey to becoming and being a professional psychic.  When I first started doing it full time, I was so appalled at answering questions regarding Read More
Finding a Grandma DollSince I turned 60 last November I find myself searching out other crones.  I've been hunting for crone dolls for years and have only stumbled on a few. I'm surprised toy manufacturers haven't thought to create a "grandma" doll.  Read More
July 2015 NewsletterWhat many new to the Tarot are surprised to learn is that it is comprised of a series of images which are designed specifically to depict and describe our Soul's journey to realization, knowledge and wisdom. It is both descriptive Read More
People often ask me in a reading when something is going to happen, and as I tell my students, this is probably one of the most complex matters to determine.  Sometimes it’s the season of the card, or it might be the number.  But Read More