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August 2015 - Posts

Client Expected Me to AgreeI met with a client yesterday who had come to see me for the first time about a month ago.  A well-mannered man in his early sixties, he was struggling with his marriage, his work, his son and his health.  Fearful Read More
Everyone is Psychic but...Many years ago I became intrigued with how psychic ability is related to reading the Tarot.  One discovery I made is that everyone is psychic, and the only difference between a psychic and everybody else is that they call Read More
August & Spiritual RebirthI favour August to be the perfect month to re‐commit my vows on “diviner’s ethics”.  I think it's because I started my ezine in August (2003) and it was when I committed myself to pursuing the spiritual path and work Read More
Spiritualism has inaugurated the era of woman, Mary Davis proclaimed.  She recalled the common birth date of the new religion and women's rights in 1848.  Spiritualist conventions called for the Emancipation of women from all legal and Read More
Words that Indicated TentativenessA client just phoned to book an appointment.  He was using words that were tentative like, "may be, if you, possibly, I don't know".Smiling into the phone, I said, "You don't sound very convinced that making Read More
Develop Your Psychic AbilityI’ve taught several psychic development classes over the years. Typically this popular course was structured over an eight week period, meeting weekly for a couple of hours. The first hour was a lecture/discussion on Read More