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September 2015 - Posts

Clients often ask if I offer Gift Certificates for readings and I do.  I actually love reading for clients who have found me via a gift certificate.  They are typically people who have never had a reading before and come with an open mind, curiosity Read More
If you are considering purchasing your own Tarot deck, I think it's crucial to pay attention especially to how the artist/creators of the deck have depicted people/characters. People Symbols I always recommend to my initiates that they avoid decks Read More
The Credible Tarot There are people who believe that the Tarot is a frivolous pastime at best, an evil pursuit or fraudulent practice at worst. Unless you live in an exceptional and somewhat isolated community, we Tarotists are occasionally confronted Read More
Psychic is a Generic TermMost people who are new to readings don’t recognize or understand the difference between what a psychic tarot reader does and what other types of advisors do for clients.  Psychic is the generic term for all of what us Read More
I love September!  It’s the month when I feel that indescribable yet persistent itch to start something new.  I’m filled with relief, anticipation, sadness, nostalgia, preparedness and intention.  This month will mark our second anniversary Read More