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Confessions of a Psychic - the life of a psychic practicing off and online in Canada for more than 30 years.

March 2016 - Posts

Coordinated by Shelley Carter This deck was created only a few miles from where I was living at that time and Shelley Carter is a dear  friend and colleague. I just wanted to make my biases clear right at the beginning of this review. I was Read More
What is it about the psychic process that speaks so eloquently to women?  What do they expect to find, and does the psychic connection satisfy their quest?The answer is typically a variation of, “It’s because women are intuitive and feeling-based. Read More
The question, “Are psychics born with this gift or did they meditate, memorize and practice their way to being a psychic?”, has been pondered since the time of tribal Shamans. A definitive answer to this quandary remains elusive. Being Psychic Read More
I've had this web site for 10 years and this is its 3rd incarnation.  When google changed it's algorithms I had the site changed to adapt to these new rules back in 2013 just before moving to Victoria, BC Canada but then things have changed again!  Read More
A Chakra Refresher in Celebration of Spring Kathleen Chakras, auras, subtle bodies and energy healing have become more common topics of discussion in recent years. What once was considered esoteric or fringe spirituality has become mainstream. Read More