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April 2016 - Posts

by Robert M PlaceThis book is an impressive and erudite body of work.  It is resplendent in its historical references, legends, stories, mystical and esoteric ideas.  Spanning, in some cases, more than a 1000 years.  This is a reference Read More
Over the past couple of weeks I've been working feverishly to keep up with Spring’s influx of relationship readings.  Indeed Spring is in the air in more ways than one! What dismays me most these days with relationship readings is the Read More
By Julie Cuccia-WattsWhen I read that Julie Cuccia-Watts had created a new deck and book set rooted in Egyptian history, culture and lore, I promptly surfed over to her web site to order a set.  I have been a fan of Julie’s Tarot sets for years Read More
There is too much metaphysical nonsense on the internet that passes for spiritual wisdom. New age book shelves are filled with how-to books on being a spiritual healer, medium, or a psychic and the result is that most people are just completely Read More
It’s April and love is in the air! Wonder why we fall in love in the Spring? Our bodies are responsive to the smells of fertile soil calling for seed; our skin vibrates with life and warmth under the returning sun, and the cacophony of mating throughout Read More