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June 2016 - Posts

Kathleen I really want to thank you for my reading last week and I feel compelled to send this testimony for anyone who is considering a reading. I'm sure we all contact a psychic for different reasons. Sometimes we want to know the future, sometimes Read More
Everyone possesses psychic ability. The difference between those of us who call ourselves psychics and those who don’t, is in the daily work necessary to develop it to its potential. Most people do hear/feel/see alternate realities but do not trust Read More
By Anna Klaffinger Not surprisingly, the Anna K. Tarot holds its position on the 10 most favourite Tarot deck lists long after its publication. Although Waite-like in structure and Coleman-similar in imagery, Anna brings a charming degree of artistic Read More
Some would be affronted at the notion that dream interpretation is a relatively simple exercise.  In truth there are three primary psychic mechanisms at play that foster our nightly dream creation, Wish FulfillmentCounterbalanceMaturation The Read More