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January 2017 - Posts

The Tarot deck can be used as an instructional guide to psycho-spiritual development.  Following the path of the Fool which is the number 0 in the Major Arcana, a third level of consciousness, the super-consciousness is achieved at a psychological Read More
By David Higgins I bought the original majors only Sacred Isle Tarot when it was first released and occasionally carried it around with me.  It was compact yet sturdy making the perfect deck to put into my purse.  But there were problems Read More
This is the time of year when visioning, orienting intentions and setting goals is at the top of most people’s minds.  The first step is reflecting on what the last year's successes were and what needs to be re-intentioned for this year.  Read More
I pulled out my Motherpeace Tarot deck the other day and was amazed to realize that I have never written a review on it.  I’ve written reviews on so many other decks, it’s truly odd that I’ve never written one on the Motherpeace. My First Read More
As you know, I taught Tarot, psychic ability development and feminist psychology for many years.  Many of those classes took place while I was also working a day job as a therapist/researcher/social work teacher. Most people who knew me in Read More