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How do I get calls?
Ether gives you two ways in which you can market yourself to people who want to buy your services. First, you get a unique Ether Phone Number that you can put anywhere - like on your business card or a yellow pages ad. Second, you can choose from a variety of Ether Buttons which directly link to your business that you can put on your blog, website, or in email.

You are in complete control of who calls you because you decide where you put your Ether Phone Number and Buttons - you aren't placed randomly in a directory.

What are Ether's fees?
There are no monthly fees, no setup fees and no connection fees. Ether only earns money when you earn money - our commission is 15%.

What happens on a call?
You earn money based on the rate you've set. Once you've placed your Ether Phone Number where you want people to see it, your phone only rings when someone is ready to pay for what you say.

A customer will dial your Ether Phone Number and Ether will call you at the number you selected. You can choose on the fly whether or not to actually take the call. For example, Ether will tell you that you have a customer ready to pay your rate of $90 for an hour and willing to wait 3 hours for a call back from you. When you answer the phone, you'll hear:
  • Press 1 to take the call now and earn your $90 for the hour you talk
  • Press 2 if you can take the call within 3 hours, and earn the $90 when you're ready
  • Press 3 if you cannot take the call now nor within the 3 hour time window
How much does it cost to use Ether?
There are no monthly fees, no setup fees and no connection fees. Ether only earns money when you earn money - our commission is 15%.

How do I get paid?
Your earnings from calls and emails are deposited into your Ether account. You can either have the money sent to your bank account via Direct Deposit or you can request to have Ether send you a check.

How does Ether ensure my privacy?
Your privacy is very important. For your protection, we've built security measures from the ground up. Ether anonymously and safely connects you to people who want to buy your services. Your phone number is never revealed because Ether initiates all calls and maintains the connection between you and your customer. No one can see your phone number - not even with Caller ID.

How do I let customers know when I'm available to take calls?
Your phone will never ring when you don't want it to. Just like instant messaging programs, like Yahoo, AIM and MSN Messenger, your Ether status communicates your availability - Taking Calls, Arrange Calls via Email or Not Taking Calls. Your status on Ether not only communicates your availability but also ensures that customers can only call you when you are available.

Your status is automatically set with your schedule when you create your first listing, and prevents calls from coming during the night. Your schedule can be customized to fit your needs. Or, you can turn your Ether Phone Number on or off anytime over the phone by calling 1-888-MY-ETHER, or with the click of a mouse by visiting

Can I also sell my services through email?
While talking on the phone is a great way to sell what you say, some things are better communicated using email: written articles, tax returns, photographs, computer code, instructional videos, and any other digitally-based information. Ether lets you send email that contains such information and set a price for your customer to open it.

Just like with Ether phone calls, Ether processes your customer' credit cards and keeps your personal information and actual email address private.

In which countries can Ether be used?
Ether and its features are only available via 1-888-MY-ETHER to sellers and customers who reside in the U.S. and Canada.

The money you earn from Ether transactions will be in U.S. dollars drawn against a U.S. bank; your bank can convert them into your own currency. Currently, Direct Deposit is only offered in the U.S.

For calls outside the U.S. or Canada, please check back to see if your country has been added to the list of available countries.

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