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 Making Calls
Making Calls
Safe and secure
Your privacy is very important. Ether anonymously and safely connects you to people who sell what they say over the phone. Your phone number is never revealed because Ether initiates all calls and maintains the connection between you and the person you're calling. The person you're calling cannot see your phone number - not even with Caller ID.

Ether is a licensee of TRUSTe, a third-party "watchdog" which audits our privacy practices to make sure that we meet the standards of TRUSTe's Privacy Program. Ether uses secure socket layer (SSL) software, the industry standard for secure e-commerce transactions. SSL software encrypts all of your personal information, including your name, address and credit card number, so that the data cannot possibly be read as it travels over the Internet. Learn more about our privacy policy.

Calling an Ether Phone Number
You may have seen an Ether Phone Number on someone's business card, website, blog, flyer, billboard or ad. To get in touch with the person associated with this number, simply dial the toll-free number and you'll be prompted to enter the extension. An Ether Phone Number looks something like this:

1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 12345678

If you're a first-time caller, the phone prompts will guide you through registering with Ether, then you'll be connected to an operator to take your credit card information to pay the rate the seller is requesting. Then, you will be asked how long you'd be willing to wait for a Callback if the person is not available. You can let Ether know "it's now or never" or enter the number of hours. (You can even wait a couple days, 1 week or 1 month if it's not that urgent.)

If they are available to take your call, you will be connected shortly thereafter and you can talk until your prepaid time is up. If they can't take the call right away, they can accept your Callback request to have Ether connect the two of you within the time window you selected. They can also decline your request if they know they can't talk to you in that time frame. If that happens, you may want to send them an Ether Mail to find out a good time to talk.

Calling through an Ether Button
If you're on a website or blog and see one of these buttons, you will see the person's current availability to take calls. For example, it can say Call Me, Arrange Call, Send Mail or Schedule Appointment (see below for sample "Call Me" buttons). creating an Ether account. By clicking on the button, you'll be taken to a page that shows their current availability, rate and a listing title of the services they offer.

Call Me!

Or, select a simple "Call Me" button.

Call Me

call me

Call Me

Depending on their availability, you will be guided through some easy steps to connect with the seller. If they are able to take your call right away, you simply need to create an Ether account (or sign in if you have one), enter your credit card information to pay the rate they're requesting, and enjoy your call. Your credit card won't actually be charged until you're connected with the person you're trying to reach.

If the seller is not available to take calls, you will be asked to enter a time window that you're willing to wait for a Callback. You can select from a range beginning with 1 hour to 1 month. (Ether will also tell you if there are other people waiting to talk to this person.) Once you've entered the time window, Ether will notify the seller and call you back if they become available during that time frame.

If the seller offers Appointments, you'll be able to request a specific date and time in the future, as well as how long you need to talk.

What to pay
You will hear the seller's rate when you call their Ether Phone Number or see it on the seller's profile when you click on their Ether Button. Depending on what services they're providing, you'll be charged for a set amount of time (such as $60 for 1 hour), charged by the minute or the rate can be free (but you are limited to 10 minutes per call).

Unused minutes
Unused minutes are minutes that you paid for, but aren't used on a call. For example, if you paid $60 for an hour, and the call ended after 15 minutes, there would be 45 unused minutes. We ensure that you are able to get the value you've purchased in case a call gets interrupted or accidentally disconnected.

You have 48 hours from when your call started to redeem your unused minutes. This is quite helpful if your call was interrupted by the seller for personal reasons or if the call inadvertently got dropped due to cell phone issues.

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