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 Call Requests
Call Requests
Arrange a call
When you want to a seller who's busy or unavailable, you can arrange a call by requesting a Callback or an Appointment. In the Call Requests section, you can see from whom you're waiting for a response.

You can request a Callback from a seller, which means you're getting in line to talk to that person should they become available within a time window you select. If the seller doesn't become available within that time window, Ether won't call you back but we suggest that you send them a follow-up Ether Mail to see when they might be available to talk.

You can see any call requests on the My Ether page or Call Requests page. The info you'll see is your position in line, the time by which they can call back until, the seller's member name, the listing you called and their rate. From here you can update your time window or cancel the Callback request.

Appointments make sure that you get to talk to the seller at a time and date that's good for both of you. If they offer Appointments, here's what you do:
  • On the Enter Time Window page, you'll see a link that says Request and Appointment - click on it.
  • On the Request Appointment page, enter the date and start time you'd like to talk to the person. Be sure to request a time far enough in the future and at a reasonable hour. Select the length of the call and set your time zone (you can check the box if you'd like to adjust for Daylight Savings Time).
  • Ether notifies the seller about the request and if they accept it, Ether calls you at the Appointment start time.
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