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Just set it and forget it
Selling what you have to say with Ether is easy and convenient. You can't always take calls, but you don't want to miss out on paid phone conversations when you're available. Your Availability Manager makes it a snap to stay organized with your time.

What status means on Ether
Just like instant messaging programs, like Yahoo, AIM and MSN Messenger, your Ether status communicates your availability. Your status is automatically set with your schedule when you create your first listing, and prevents calls from coming during the night.

Changing your status
You quickly change your status anytime you want. You'll find a pull-down menu of statuses on the upper right corner of the Ether site, on the My Ether Overview page or the Change Status page. You can also call 1-888-MY-ETHER to manage your availability when you're away from the computer.

Different statuses
When people try to reach you through your Ether Phone Number or Ether Button, Ether acts as your virtual secretary to let them know what your current availability is. Here's more about your three status options:
  • Taking Calls. This means you're available to receive phone calls, but you can choose on the fly whether or not to actually take the call.

    Ether will call you with a customer who has paid your rate. To talk to them now, press 1. If you find yourself in the middle of something else at the time a customer calls, you can press 2 to let them know you will call them back in time window they've selected. If you can't take the call now or within the time window, you can press 3 to decline the call.

    When you're ready to take Callbacks, you can call 1-888-MY-ETHER, press 9 to sign in, then press 1 to start calling people back in the order you received the requests. You'll also be able to check the Call Requests page to see if you have any Callbacks and click Take Calls to start calling people back.

  • Arrange Calls via Email. This means customers can request a Callback from you within a time window they select. Ether sends you an email letting you know about this Callback.

    Another great option for connecting with customers is Appointments, which lets people choose a specific time and date to speak with you.

  • Not Taking Calls. If you know you can't take calls for awhile, this lets customers know they can't reach you immediately and you won't be able to call them back. If you turn on Appointments, the customer can choose a specific time and date to speak with you. Otherwise, your Ether Button will recommend they send you an email through Ether Mail. You can easily create a customized message which automatically gets sent to people who email you.

Availability details
Here you can view and edit your preferences for each status. For example, you can turn off email notification for Callbacks or turn on Appointments for Arrange Calls via Email.

You can also edit the preferences for a status without changing your current status. For example, your status can be Taking Calls while editing your preferences for Arrange Calls via Email.

Schedule and quiet times
If you want to take calls at specific hours, you can create a schedule that automatically changes your availability daily. Oh by the way, don't worry about people calling you at odd times of the night. By default, your schedule is set to make sure you have "quiet times" from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM in your time zone.

Feel free to edit your schedule if you're a night owl or simply want to update it to work better with your daily life. Under My Ether, click on the Schedule link, then click on Edit Schedule to add or delete blocks of time by day.

Alerts handle the notifications for Callbacks and Appointments. If you select this option, you'll receive an eMail mail from Ether each time a customer requests a Callback or an Appointment.

You can edit your preferences, which will apply to all your listings:
  • Phone Numbers. You can have three different phone numbers on file with Ether and easily set which is your default. Your phone numbers will never be revealed to anyone.

  • Time Zone. Update your time zone to help us connect you with people who've requested Callbacks or Appointments. Your default time zone is based on your area code and you can select an option which will automatically adjust for daylight savings time. Please remember to change your time zone if you're traveling and taking calls.

  • Schedule Reminder. Set a reminder to call you when your schedule changes your status to Taking Calls.

  • Auto-Reply. You can easily create a customized message which automatically gets sent to people who email you.
When you're finished editing your options, click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

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